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CD Reviews:  System of a Down: Toxicity

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System of a Down's sophomore album thrives on a sort of adrenal rush that insists there's no time for ambiguity, getting right to the point within headman Serj's lyrics. And maybe System of a Down's newfound politics is a welcome progressive counterbalance to a scene where hard rock, like that of the depressed challenges of Staind, makes the world seem so much harder than it is.

Toxicity is a well-rounded album, with a lot of various rhythms thrown into each song. Their music features powerful, well-played bass and drums, with Serj's dominant voice blending in fantastically, bringing an exotic milieu to some of the softer songs. As for the overall lyrics of the album, some stick out much more than others, and are defiantly powerful and deep. The songs Serj writes are never simple and straight up; you'll find yourself listening to some tracks over and over trying to gain a better understanding of them.

"Chop Suey," the band's first single and probably their savior from this album, brings their unique sound more into the mainstream light the second time around. "Chop Suey" displays every new trick the band discovered between the first album and this one, mixing hard rock with a soothing chorus and a rhythmic guitar riff. Other songs on the album to look for are "Shimmy," a flash of fun rock, "ATWA," a soft metal sound with ingenious lyrics, and "Psycho," a song that perfectly demonstrates System of a Down's use of traveling from a fast-paced tempo to a slowed down one and back again in the midst of a few seconds.

Overall, if you're into heavy metal with a cool, smooth touch amidst profound lyrics, Toxicity is the album for you.

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