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CD Reviews:  The Corrs: Live in Dublin

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Red Rocker's dirty little secret is that he occasionally has been lured to the dark side of Billboard Top 40 pop music, especially by sexy female artists (Pink comes to mind recently!). When I saw the new video of The Corrs (three gorgeous Irish lasses) with guest Bono doing a cover of Ryan Adams' "When The Stars Go Blue," I was dumbfounded at first. Then I realized that their version was so stellar, even having received a personal "thumbs-up" from Adams himself, that it could easily be mistaken for their own composition. Even so, it takes a lot more than a single track or snazzy video for me to go out and plunk down the money for a new CD. Once I learned that this new release, The Corrs -- Live In Dublin, contained more classic rock covers than Corrs original songs, I succumbed to the demons once again.

The four Corrs, a brother and sisters from Dublin, can wrap a Top-40 pop song in a deliberate and clean package for delivery to the global audience as well as anyone out there right now. This record opens with "Would You Be Happier?" and "Breathless," their two most recognizable chart hits. Each is jumpy and inspiring, whether you've heard them before or not, you'll believe you have. The aforementioned "When The Stars Go Blue" follows, with a simply delicious shared vocal part by Bono. In the classic rock vein, they move to Hendrix's "Little Wing," done in a more orchestral manner than ever before but done right. The guitar solo is taken on by guest Ron Wood, another grand surprise!

An instrumental medley of two traditional Irish folk tunes ("Joy Of Life" and "Trout In The Bath") reminds us where this family of underrated musicians was reared. When they slow down Neil Young's waltzy "Only Love Can Break Your Heart," you're hooked, but then even a more poignant rock and roll moment closes the set, as The Stones' "Ruby Tuesday" again showcases the guitar of Ron Wood. It may not be the most original collection of songs The Corrs could have recorded on stage, but Live In Dublin would make an ideal set if they were ever to play your wedding. Seeing that classic rock runs deep in the souls of today's pop stars serves as my own justification for occasionally being pulled to the dark side.

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