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CD Reviews:  Soundtrack: Me, Myself and Irene

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If you haven't noticed, Jim Carrey does well by his movie soundtracks. The soundtrack albums for both "Dumb and Dumber" (1995) and "The Cable Guy" (1996) were very worthy collections of original, previously released, and fun cover songs from some of the best artists of the day. "Me, Myself & Irene" boasts a soundtrack that is Jim Carrey's finest collection yet of movie songs!

Foo Fighters and Third Eye Blind each weigh in with awesome original cuts which have appeared on recent releases by these bands. The previously unknown Ellis Paul supplies one of the album's freshest moments with his own "The World Ain't Slowin' Down," a simple and catchy driving tune that Robin Hitchcock would have loved to write! Pete Yorn's glorious "Strange Condition" is one of the best album rock songs of the past couple years, and makes for a perfect addition to this collection.

The unique strength of this soundtrack, however, comes from the various modern rock bands doing covers of old Steely Dan songs. Why Steely Dan, you ask? Remember it's Jim Carrey, so normal rules of musical engagement probably don't apply. Being a fan of Steely Dan's music is not even a prerequisite for thoroughly enjoying this project. Marvelous 3 does a stellar take on "Reelin' in the Years," an old staple I might even click past on the radio! Likewise, the job Brian Setzer Orchestra does remaking "Bodhisattva" makes one ponder why they weren't more of a Steely Dan fan from years ago. Wilco and Ben Folds Five each clock in with effortlessly perfect renditions of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen classics, while newcomers The Push Stars absolutely nail "Bad Sneakers"!

Movie soundtracks can often times make or break a film, especially one of the comedy genre! When done properly, a soundtrack can elevate the marketing and exposure of an otherwise average movie to a highly popular level. Some are done quickly and the result is sloppy and not well thought. While others, like Me, Myself & Irene, seem to be a natural fit for the movie itself, and serve a dual purpose as a classic record!

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