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CD Reviews:  Puddle of Mudd: Come Clean

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Seattle must be smiling! The decade-long influences that oozed from the Great Northwest in the early 1990s are still alive and very well today. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, as well as Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam and others cleared a well-defined musical path for so many young bands around the country, the most recent and promising of which is Puddle Of Mudd. Cobain's scruffy vocals and Alice In Chain's wall of fuzzy grunge guitar sound are both cornerstones to this new band's debut record, Come Clean.

With the production assistance of Fred Durst, Puddle Of Mudd is blasting onto the mainstream rock scene with a complete package. Their first single, "Control," is immediately recognizable and plays like a classic from the first spin. Close your eyes and play "Nobody Told Me" and you'll swear you're listening to a lost Nirvana song. The massive guitars and catchy melodies remind anyone who cares just how awesome the grunge invasion was some 10 years ago. But the fundamental strength of Come Clean is the varying tempos and diverse moods from song to song. "Blurry" successfully swims from slower acoustic sing-a-long melodies to thrashing power chords, all in five minutes' time. "She Hates Me" is a hilarious tribute to the brash but catchy stories once told by the likes of Axl Rose and Guns'N'Roses.

Curse words, mosh-pit rhythms and radio-ready melodies have all been previous components of highly popular rock records, and I expect Come Clean will be no different. Puddle Of Mudd may be young and untested, but this first collection of solid rock songs is a pretty impressive way to show the world that grunge rock still lives, breathes and gets paid!

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