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CD Reviews:  Elbow: Asleep in the Back

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Despite saddling themselves with the worst name out of the UK since Menswe@r or Shed Seven, Elbow's Asleep in the Back is the sleeper pick of the year, a gorgeous, haunting, and moving record that would give Coldplay, Talk Talk and Peter Gabriel pause. Starsailor is getting all the hype, but Elbow is the band to watch. These guys are for real. 

Leadoff track "Any Day Now" sets the tone right away, with lumbering drums and vocals that vaguely recall early Pink Floyd (or perhaps the Beta Band on a quiet day) and a very astute observation in the line "Don't play Coltrane, you'll sleep at the wheel." "Powder Blue" is a winter chiller -- surely, Fran Healy wishes he had written this one -- that might be the first love song from one heroin addict to another -- "I'm proud to be the one who holds you when the shakes begin." Don't be surprised if it becomes a Brit Pop classic, thanks to singer Guy Garvey's devastating vocal performance. "Newborn" is another stunner, an organ-drenched ballad that waits until the six and a half minute mark to erupt into a piece of Talk Talk-ish splendor. "Presuming Ed (Rest Easy)" sounds like a lost track from the Moody Blues' In Search of the Lost Chord, with a chorus of detached harmonies ala "Legend of a Mind" hovering over the finale. 

Asleep in the Back may ooze misery and pain, but it's done with such heart that the stories of loss and regret are surprisingly easy to swallow. This is a perfect winter album, something to play as you're looking out the window at the snow drifting across the lawn. Fire up the hot chocolate, Peppermint Schnapps optional. 

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