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CD Reviews:  Poco: Running Horse

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When reviewing a band that’s been together, off and on, for 34 years, you can’t help but feel that if you’re still into their music that makes you an old fart. By the same token, it’s when seasoned veterans like Rusty Young and Paul Cotton join forces that flat-out good music is created. Running Horse is a throwback to the days when Poco ruled the pop airwaves with songs such as “Crazy Love.” It’s jangly guitars, soothing melodies and lush layered harmonies that, yes, are cool to dig. 

“One Tear at a Time” has a country feel as does a lot of the flavor of this record, and reminds me of the group Restless Heart. “Every Time I Hear That Train” and “If Your Heart Needs a Hand” could easily be at home on any Eagles record. “Never Loved…Never Hurt Like This” is the kind of love song that could become an instant staple as a wedding ballad and “Forever” is classic old school Poco, complete with slide guitar. “Never Get Enough” was written by newcomer Jack Sundrud and, pardon the Eagles reference again, but the press notes even accurately compare Sundrud’s voice to Don Henley. “If You Can’t Stand to Lose” is a beautifully sappy ballad and “I Can Only Imagine” has more of that throwback feel reminiscent of the group Firefall. The title track is another well-crafted tune that pays symbolic tribute to the group’s very successful Legacy album.

Am I showing my age with some of these comparisons? Maybe so, but I’m from the camp that says good songs are timeless. If those songs take you back to a place in time, especially to a time when life was free and easy, or to a time of first love, it’s all good. In this case, all of the above apply. 

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