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CD Reviews:  Joey Ramone: Don't Worry About Me

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Punk legend Joey Ramone shows us all with this post-mortem release that if rock & roll is in your blood, you can rock right up until the day you leave this earth. This album is classic Ramone, sounding very much like the early days of the Ramones. It's just pure pop/punk with infectious hooks and clever rebellious lyrics. 

The record opens with Ramone's cover of the timeless classic "What a Wonderful World" and his balls-out version is a bittersweet track to kick off with, considering Joey's battle with and subsequent loss to cancer in April of 2001. "Stop Thinking About Me" is straight ahead, three chords for three minutes and out, and of course is one of those songs you can't get out of your head for hours. "Mr. Punchy" is the same way, with very few lyrics and that's just fine. "Maria Bartiromo" is a song that only a New Yorker can write. "Venting" is a very Doors-ish song about the reality of school violence in today's world, while in "Searching for Something," Ramone puts more emphasis on acoustic guitars and sounds almost like Bob Dylan. "I Got Knocked Down" is obviously about Joey's fight with cancer, and in pure Ramone form it's just a pissed off take on it. 

For most of these 11 tracks, it's the Ramones of the early punk days. You can almost close your eyes and feel like you're back at CBGB's in the early 1980s. And pioneers like Joey Ramone show us that they never truly die.

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