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CD Reviews:  Jimmy Eat World: Jimmy Eat World

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This band from Arizona has been pounding the pavement for almost 10 years now, going through a major label signing and dropping, all the while refining their sound and then re-signing a major deal with Dreamworks. This CD is Jimmy Eat World's debut with the new label, and these guys are poised for big things. They're just a solid rock band with amazing songs, a more mature Weezer and yet less grown-up Goo Goo Dolls. 

"Bleed American" is high-octane power pop, and I mean high octane. "A Praise Chorus" is extremely catchy and cops the familiar lyrics to "Crimson and Clover" as well as "Our House." The first single, "The Middle," is a made-for- radio punky pop song, as is "The Authority Song." By the time you get to the fifth track, "Sweetness," you realize this could be one of the best albums you've heard in a long time...okay, at least that's the music lover in me and how I feel about it. "Hear You Me" is the first ballad among the set, and is positively trance material. Did you say something? Oh, back to the review. "Get it Faster" has more of a 1980s feel with modern production while "Cautioners" has slick syncopation in the verses and flowing mood in the choruses. "My Sundown" is the perfect dreamy ballad to close this unbelievable collection of songs.

Many of you have probably heard and read about this band recently. Sometimes it's the industry making a fake buzz for the band of the moment and sometimes it's genuine because the artist simply has come of age. Jimmy Eat World has come of age in a big way. Believe all the hype and go grab this one. Wow.

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