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CD Reviews:  Review of It Turned Me On by Jennifer Marks

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Jennifer Marks has a great voice and writes hooky pop/rock songs with witty lyrics. As a singer/songwriter, that’s everything you should set out to do. But what separates this New Yorker on her latest independent release, It Turned Me On, from everyone else in her genre is the sexual energy she oozes. It’s not just Marks’ sensual voice, but the way she conveys the whole package musically and lyrically that might make the average guy (or girl) reach for a cigarette afterward.

“Make it Right” is catchy and slickly produced, a cross between Sheryl Crow and Paula Cole. readers will especially like the title track, which might be a self-portrait of a woman visiting a strip club and giving in to feelings of lust. “Live” is a sugary pop tune and “Lie to Me” leans toward the lighter side of R&B. I hate to keep bringing up the obligatory comparison to Sheryl Crow, but it’s most evident in “You Won’t Let Me Go” and “Get Me Out of Here,” complete with crunching guitars and smooth melodies. “Even Though” is a riveting acoustic piece that most notably showcases Marks’ intoxicating voice.

Jennifer Marks has the formula to write and perform great music, but while the industry is flooded with singer/songwriters these days, it’s the young girls like Michelle Branch that keep getting signed to major label deals. And while musically Marks doesn’t break any new ground here, she’s got enough melody, wit and sex appeal to reach a wide demographic. That alone should make the majors take notice. Now someone get me a cigarette. 

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