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CD Reviews:  Flashlight Brown: My Degeneration

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As Canada continues to compete with California to see who can produce the most pop/punk bands, some of them find themselves just slightly ahead of the pack. I mean, it’s not easy to stick your neck out until the veins pop out of it, bounce up and down like a pogo stick, play three-chord power punk and make it sound original. But Toronto-based Flashlight Brown does it with addictive melodies and lyrics that are equal parts witty and hilarious.

”Ready to Roll” burns right from the beginning and has a throwback Ramones feel to it. “A Freak” has the line that could make it a college anthem, “Tonight would have gone way smoother had we had more beer,” and is a speedy punk song ala Blink 182. “Patricia” is so catchy you might find yourself hearing it in your head hours later while you’re daydreaming…hey you, wake up! “Go and Die” is something everyone who’s ever been in a miserable relationship can understand and “Whoa Man” is the best song on the record, slickly produced and infectious. Unfortunately, some of the songs start to sound the same after a while, but luckily for Flashlight Brown their songs are pretty damn good. “Butterball” is another track full of Beavis and Butthead humor, about a fat girlfriend that the writer doesn’t have to get jealous of.

This genre of music would seem to be on the downward portion of its own bell curve, as bands like Green Day have given way to the more emo likes of Jimmy Eat World, but there’s always room for groups like Flashlight Brown. While still sounding modern with the help of producer Rob Cavallo (Goo Goo Dolls), there’s a raw edge to this band that draws from old-school punk influence. My advice is to just take it for what it is, a good punk rock record. 

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