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CD Reviews:  Review of The Great Impossible by Diane Ward

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Miami native Diane Ward is slowly evolving into a special songwriter, an evolution that is more evident than ever on her third and latest release, The Great Impossible. If you sandblasted some of the edge off Melissa Etheridge and put a little more grit in Patty Griffin, you’d have Diane Ward. More than anything, Ward is a storyteller. On her latest she tells those stories as they relate to love, both lost and found. All that, and she’s got a voice the size of Florida. 

“Wide Awake” is a waltzy tune with an alt-country grit, courtesy of producer/guitarist Jack Shawde. “Shooting Rockets” has a noticeably adult contemporary feel, with that horn sound that has become a trademark of folks like Edwin McCain. “Class of 2000” may be almost six minutes long, but it’s so hauntingly beautiful that you want it to continue. “Latch Key Kid” has some hooky guitar riffs and “I Won’t Step Down” is a bluesy piece that really shows off Ward’s vocal range. “Fade” is the poppiest track of all, and perhaps the most radio friendly of this batch. With songs like “Baby Look Up” and “Clumsy,” it is evident that the one real drawback to this record is that it goes on too long, and sometimes quality is better than quantity. Ward could have easily cut off five tracks, skipping then to the introspective title track. 

Though not yet on a major label, Diane Ward is certainly more than worthy of major attention. With the way the music industry continues to change, artists like Ward are carving their own niche and connecting with music fans everywhere. Lucky for her, those fans eventually sniff out the talent, and with The Great Impossible Ward shows that she’s got plenty of it to share.

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