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CD Reviews:  Closure: Closure

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With all of the cookie cutters in the alt-rock format today, guitars and computers tend to make most new bands sound formulaic. It seems like the last few years every producer out there has been trying to capitalize on the flavor-of-the-month sound of Creed and the advertising money it generated on radio. The difference, and a refreshing one, is when one of these bands comes along and the singer can actually, um, sing. Such is the case with Closure, a Los Angeles-based four-piece rock band offering up their self-titled debut label release. 

"Look Out Below" is all testosterone and has more hooks than a fishing boat, making it perfect for radio. Songs like "Afterglow" and "Live Again" have the ballsy guitars but include just the right amount of pop flavor. "What It's All About" and "Lie to Me" are fast and driving, with haunting harmonies -- think Alice in Chains meets Lifehouse. The closest thing to sap this band brings to the table is "Crushed," a power ballad to be sure but actually a damn good one. "Fragile" is another track that starts out with acoustic guitar but morphs into an anthemic rock song. "You are My Hatred" burns like a high flame from beginning to end. 

A new band that rocks without pretense and has great songs is one that is going to be around for a long time, regardless of genre. Closure's debut on TVT could possibly be one of this year's premier straight ahead rock albums, and the best part is they choose to do things their way. Lead singer Brian Howes, he of the kickass voice, sums it up by saying, "We've been influenced by many people, but follow no one." Amen, brother. 

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