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CD Reviews: Review of Here Comes The Brides by Brides Of Destruction
Del Re Home / CD Reviews Home / Entertainment Channel / Entertainment Web Guide

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When was the last time a CD rocked your face off? I mean really tore the flesh off your skull and spiked your head like a football? Well, if you are looking for that experience again, Here Comes The Brides…the Brides of Destruction! What started out as a creative outlet for Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx and LA Guns guitar-slinger Tracii Guns has found its way into the public consciousness and, thanks in large part to their on-again off-again participation with the 2004 KISS Tour, onto many Internet message boards. Controversy not withstanding, Here Comes the Brides is a fun and highly listenable rock record. 
Kicking things off, appropriately enough, is the single “Shut the Fuck Up,” an ode to talking heads and newscasters everywhere. Who can deny the rock-qualities of a chorus that screams, “Doesn’t really matter what I do, I’m so sick of you, shut the fuck up.” Fueled by Guns’ layered Les Paul tracks, “STFU,” as well as tracks like “I Don’t Care” and “2x Dead,” growl, grind, scream and wail in a way that is both current and edgy, while recalling classic albums like The Cult’s “Sonic Temple.” Sixx tattoos a welcome melodic sense onto such tracks as, “Natural Born Killers” and “Life.” Fans of songwriter and Sixx co-writer Butch Walker will find a familiar listening experience on these later album tracks, as they blur the line between fist-pumping arena rock bravado and genuine pop sensibility. Relative unknown singer London LeGrand drenches all the songs with his impressive, sneering vocals; he can at times fall somewhere between Chris Cornell, Walker and perhaps even a gravelly Don Dokkin. Scot Coogan, a veteran of the Austin and L.A. studio and touring scenes, adds a welcomed, unprocessed and uncompromising pounding drum feel. Finally, adding guitar texturing is one-time Motley member John Corabi who, together with his cohorts in rock, has certainly produced one of the most listenable and fun rock albums in recent memory. 
Ballsy, bombastic and full of face-crunching guitars, Sixx, Guns and company deliver the goods from start to finish, and the end result is an album of pure rock fun. It’s the perfect disc to scream with in your car, crank when you want to piss off your neighbors, or just kick off a Saturday night of heavy drinking with the buds. Either way, pick it up before these guys start hating each other and go back to their other groups. 

~Joe Del Re 


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