Halle Berry

Halle Berry in "Cloud Atlas"

Halle Berry in “Cloud Atlas”

Halle Berry is, hands down, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Period! What the hell was David Justice thinking? I know, variety is the spice of life, and Major League ballplayers can get a ton a variety, but how could he let her get away? We know she’s a little crazy, but that smile (and body) would get us every time. Now, according to Essence magazine, Halle’s new husband, musician Eric Benet, has entered into a rehab center for “sex addiction” after allegedly cheating on Halle with a string of women.

Something must be wrong here! Born on August 14th in Cleveland, Ohio, Halle attended the Bedford High School and despite dealing problems with race, she persevered as a cheerleader, editor of the school newspaper and class president. While in school, Halle won a number of beauty pageants and was even crowned prom queen. Choosing to pursue journalism at Cuyahoga Community College, Halle shortly left to pursue an acting career in Chicago where she went to study.

After nailing auditions for small roles on “A Different World” and “Amen,” Halle still had trouble finding work as a black actress until she finally hit it big in the early 90’s. Scoring with urban films like “Jungle Fever” and “Boomerang,” Halle quickly moved up the ladder to become the actress we all love today, but we have to admit, however, that she does fall a couple of notches in our book every time she opens her mouth. Calling her “high maintenance” probably doesn’t do her justice. We were glad she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in “Monster’s Ball,” but we wanted to tape her mouth shut as she made a fool of herself in her acceptance speech. Sure, it was about time that a black actress won the award, but it’s not like she’s Jackie Robinson for Christ’s sake!

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Halle’s Sexiest Roles

Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She’s also a very telented actress. She’s taken on a variety of roles, but she hasn’t been shy about showing off her spectacular body on film. Her intense sex scene in “Monster’s Ball” (2001) is legendary. She also looked amazing in “Swordfish” that same year and gave us a memorable topless scene from that film.

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Halle Berry in "Die Another Day"

Halle Berry in “Die Another Day”

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Halle Berry – Bond Girl
“Die Another Day” is considered by many to be one of the worst Bond movies, but Halle Berry looks amazing in this film and frankly does a good job with her role.

Halle Berry interview
Halle looks amazing on The Tonight Show.

Halle Berry on the Screen

Halle Berry can act, and she likes to take her clothes off! She’s on her way to having the perfect movie career. After appearing in a number of urban comedies (like “Jungle Fever” and “Boomerang”) early in her career, Halle became a household name with her role as Storm in the “X-Men” movies. In addition to other action films like “Swordfish,” “Die Another Day” and the critically panned “Catwoman,” Halle won an Oscar for Best Actress for her work in “Monster’s Ball.” After 2007’s “Things We Lost in the Fire,” she took a break from acting upon the birth of her first child, but has since returned with roles in “Frankie & Alice,” “New Year’s Eve” and “Cloud Atlas.”

Halle Berry Says

On winning the Oscar:
“I carried my Oscar to bed with me. My first and only three-way happened that night.”

An early statement quickly thrown out the window:
“I will never say never, but at this time in my life NUDITY IS OUT.”

On rumours:
“I don’t know where they (tabloids) come up with these things. One week, they have me going out with him, and the next week, they have me going out with someone else. Some times I think to myself, ‘People must think that I am the biggest whore in town’. But you have to laugh at it otherwise it would tear you down.”