Quick Tips on How to Make Yourself a Better Man


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Being a man isn’t always that easy. A lot is expected of us. And as we fight our way through the challenges that come with each day, it becomes quite easy for us to lose ourselves in the work. Can you relate? If so, this post has been curated with you in mind.

Here, I’ll walk you through how to be as brave and courageous as a warrior on the battlefield while still maintaining the poise, grace, and wisdom of a king; because that’s what you are and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you any different.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in…

1. Invest in Your Looks and Grooming

Let’s face it; nowadays, everything about your look matters. From the way you dress; the shoes you wear; the accessories you carry around; to the kind of hairstyle you rock; every single aspect of your look is critical to making you look and feel good.

Therefore, invest the time and money needed to properly groom and dress. And no, I don’t just mean spending hours shopping for the best grooming products around. I’m also talking about the basics here; like showering every day, brushing your teeth, and maintaining your hair.

Take your hairstyle for example. Does it look good? Is it a proper representation of who you are? Most of us, especially now that COVID-19 has everyone indoors and afraid of physical contact, will have a hard time answering these questions because we know how neglected our hair is.

Newsflash: You don’t need a barber to keep your hair looking nice and well-kept. All you need is to watch a few YouTube videos on how to cut your own hair. And once you are ready, buy one of the best hair clippers as explained by WiseBarber.com.

I know that grooming and looking good isn’t enough, but it will draw you closer to being a better man.

2. Learn to take Care of Yourself

If you don’t, who will? Basically, I’m talking about your diet and keeping yourself fit. Eat healthy foods, avoid junk and fast foods at all costs, and try to exercise every day or at least twice a week.
Fun fact: While exercising, your body releases endorphins that make you feel good. Moreover, exercising releases you from the stress of everyday responsibility. Hence, lets you relax and sync your mind and body.

3. Always Own Your Mistakes

Nobody is perfect. We’ve all made our fair share of mistakes along the way. Rather than be ashamed or embarrassed over them, learn to own them. Owning your mistakes means learning from them. And when you do that, you grow wiser with each lesson. Trust me; even the smallest amount of wisdom can take you a very long way towards being a better version of yourself.

4. Set Clear Goals and Work towards Achieving Them

Starting a journey with a destination in mind is the same way you need to have goals in order to succeed in life. Without clear goals, you might end up losing time and money doing nothing constructive. Therefore, set goals and work on accomplishing them.

This also helps you to believe in yourself and boost your self-esteem. Plus, with each successful step, you’ll be highly motivated to take another one. Hence, growth and improvement.

5. Ignore Negativity By All Means

Quick question: what happens if you light up a candle and place it out in the rain? Will it continue to burn of go off? The same applies to the environment you put yourself in. If you are surrounded by negativity, positivity will be very hard to achieve.

Note that, you need positivity to grow and take on life’s challenges head-on. So, surround yourself with people who boost your positivity rather than putting it off. But, also note that ignoring negativity doesn’t mean disregarding honest criticism. Always remember: Negativity is meant to pull you down while honest criticism is meant to help you get better.

I think you’ll find this post on mental health very helpful.

And that’s a wrap. There are many other things you can do to make yourself a better man. These are just a few of them. Anyway, I hope this post and the tips above prove useful to you in one way or another. Thank you for your time.


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