Five Careers to Choose for the Future


It’s clear that the future will be a very different place from the world we know today. With so much changing – in terms of our living standards, our technologies, and our ways of work – it’s hard to imagine just what the future will hold. For young people, this is an especially pressing question: after all, when there’s so much in flux and changing, how is it possible to choose a long-term path? This article examines how you might be able to choose a career in a long-term field – one that’ll be around when you’re a grandparent.


While there are certainly elements to the medical profession that are already being automated, like some surgery and some diagnosis techniques, it’s not at all clear that doctors and nurses will become defunct in the years to come. In fact, in our time of medical need, it’s comforting and essential that we receive the human touch, that feeling of care, rather than a sterile robotic one. As such, medicine is certainly a career for the future, and the more you study, the more invaluable you’ll be to the world of the future, with knowledge and a medical instinct that few algorithms could replicate.

Software Design

It’s clear that much of our lives are in some ways based upon software. From the computer that you use to the train or bus that you get to work, everything is planned and optimized with the use of cutting-edge technologies that’ll help you thrive in the modern world. As such, there can be no more relevant career than training in the world of software design and computer coding. It’s here that you’ll cut your teeth in a competitive commercial world, and you’ll learn all of the skills to one day make your own software program to sell on to third parties at a profit. There’s a great deal of money to be made in software design – you just need to train to understand how the world of code and algorithms works.


To protect all of these software packages, and your individual and business data, there are literally hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals working across all industries in the world, helping to make computers as safe as possible to use, and to prevent against damaging breaches in your personal or professional data. This is a field that’s only growing and becoming more complex, and it promises to be a lucrative one for those who train in it. To get your training, consider studying for a masters degree in cyber security in order to build the essential skills to head into business and to make a career out of your ability to protect computers from viruses and other kinds of threats that can be seriously damaging for any company that’s run on computers.

Care and Social Work

With an ageing population and a significant spike in the requirements for care and attention comes a new soaring requirement for careers in the modern world. It’s here that you’ll be able to use your decidedly human skills to empathize with your charge, and to help them live a comfortable and happy life in their old age. Independent living is a vital element that helps older people lead happier lives, and it’s here that you’ll be able to sharpen and polish the necessary skills – human and empathetic at their core – that can help older people, or those with disabilities. A career in social work and care can be incredibly fulfilling and warming, and this is certainly one for those who care about the happiness of those around them.

Business Leadership

If you’re more interested in making a career in business, then you should consider making a move into management circles, in which you’ll be able to grow a productive and impressive career helping businesses prepare and strategize for the future. These roles are diverse and thrilling, and require you to think on your feet and predict market fluctuations and the impact of world events and new technologies on your business. As long as there are businesses in the world, there will be a requirement for leaders and managers, and if you train in management from an early age, you’ll be able to make use of your far-sightedness and your people skills in order to build a healthy, well-paid and long-term career for your future.

There you have it; five jobs that are sure to be as important in 100 years’ time as they are today. All you have to do is find the role that you feel is the most exciting, onboard the relevant skills, and start applying for exciting opportunities.


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