8 Prep-Up Tips for Your Outdoor Adventure


An outdoor adventure provides the perfect activity to experience nature and improve physical and mental health. Common outdoor adventures include camping, rock climbing, fishing, canoeing, cycling, and hunting. Before undertaking an outdoor activity, it is important to prepare adequately. A comfortable and enjoyable outdoor adventure is a result of good preparation.

Here are eight pre-up tips for your outdoor adventure.


Although physical preparedness for an adventure is vital, mental preparedness is equally important. You have to prepare for the wonders and adventures mother nature will bring your way. Before the adventure, prepare to withstand inclement weather, sleep with minimal shelter, engage in spontaneous activities, and bathe the old-fashioned way. All this will prepare you for life in the outdoors.

Plan your route and consider weather conditions

You should understand where you are going, the route to use and how to get there. It is wise to purchase a map or a guidebook to direct you throughout the journey. Weather conditions affect outdoor activities significantly. Therefore, it is advisable to plan for an adventure in fair weather. Canceling an adventure is much better than calling for rescue services.


If an adventure lasts for more than a day, it is vital to plan for shelter. The shelter provides comfort, privacy, and protects from insects and other elements. When camping, you can carry a tent and a sleeping bag that is warm and comfortable.


Before choosing suitable clothing for your adventure, consider the current weather and forecasts. In most cases, clothes made of natural and synthetic fibers are recommended. Choose clothing that can be worn in cold and hot temperatures. Clothes made of natural fibers like wool should be worn next to the skin to trap heat and hence keep you warm in cold nights. You should wear slip-resistant shoes to protect your feet in various terrains.

An outdoor kit

Preparing well for the outdoors means living nothing to chance and expecting the unexpected. It is advisable to carry a first aid kit to care for minor ailments and injuries. The kit should be well stocked with pain relievers, bandages, gloves, adhesive taps, and scissors. Also, carry a map of the area you intend to adventure and a compass. Before the adventure, learn to use the compass and familiarize yourself with the map. You should also carry a knife due to its multipurpose use in food preparation, first aid, and repairs.


Clean water is a rare commodity outdoors and it is essential to carry enough. Hot temperatures and intense physical activity make you dehydrated and increase your water intake. Also, pack water purification tablets in case you run out of clean water.


Include food and cookware in your packing list for an outdoor adventure. The choice of food to carry depends on the weather and your planned activity level. For example, if it’s cold and you will be engaging in an intense physical activity, you will require food that is high in calories. You should carry food for the days that you will be on the adventure and additional food supplies in case of an emergency.

Personal Hygiene Supplies

In an outdoor adventure, it is vital to prevent diseases that emanate from unsanitary conditions. Carry personal sanitary supplies to promote a disease-free environment. Among the things you should carry include personal hygiene items such as soap and toothbrush, toilet papers, disinfectant, plastic bags, and towels.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, Thrill Appeal offers a gear guide for outdoor adventures. Adequate preparation is elementary for a safe and memorable outdoor adventure. Apart from physical preparedness, it is crucial to prepare mentality for outdoor adventures. Go prepared and enjoy your adventure because you have all you need even when the unexpected happens.


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