Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman in My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Uma Thurman in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”

Uma Thurman is a rare gem in Hollywood: she’s beautiful and talented. Because her father was a Buddhist monk, Uma was influenced by the Buddhist mindset of free-thinking from a very young age and is highly respected within the film world for her continued practice. After delivering a performance worthy of the standing ovation she received in a school play, Uma soon decided that she wanted to be an actor, but was still highly skeptical of being physically accepted due to years of constant teasing she received in school for her uncommon looks.

After moving to New York and working at her share of bad jobs, Uma was picked up as a model before finally landing her first gig as a vampire in the low-budget production, “Kiss Daddy Goodnight.” Uma’s breakthrough came in the intensely erotic “Dangerous Liaisons” with John Malkovich, gaining her critical acclaim all across the board as a refreshingly capable actress. After getting her feet wet with a few other films that didn’t fare nearly as well, Uma fell off the Hollywood map until she was cast by Quentin Tarantino in the incredibly successful “Pulp Fiction,” for which she as honored with an Academy Award nomination. Since her rebirth in 1994, Uma has developed into a leading lady known for her random occurrences of coming-and-going and her diverse taste in choosing scripts. Whatever it is that keeps Uma fresh and sexy in everything she does, it’s working.

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Uma Thurman as the Bride

Uma Thurman on the Web

Uma Thurman would work with Quentin Tarantino again ‘if he wrote a great part’
Three months after the Oscar-nominated Pulp Fiction actress revealed to The New York Times her neck and knees were permanently injured in a car crash that occurred while filming a scene for Tarantino’s 2004, Thurman tells EW she’s “always had a good relationship” with the filmmaker, even in the aftermath of the incident itself.

Uma Thurman on the Screen

Uma has certainly made her acting career as eclectic as possible, appearing in a number of varying genres over the years. With great beauty and some pretty impressive acting skills, Uma is one of those women that’ll blow you away on and off the screen. She has appeared in the superhero films “Batman and Robin” and “The Avengers,” comedies like “Be Cool,” the John Woo sci-fi film “Paycheck,” and has become an essential player in auteur director Quentin Tarantino’s ongoing collection of epics, like the award-winning “Pulp Fiction,” “Kill Bill: Vol. I” and its counterpart, “Kill Bill: Vol. II.” You can also see her in the the Ivan Reitman comedy “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” and the thriller, “In Bloom.”

Uma on Video

Uma Interview
Uma’s first appearance on Conan. She’s funny and she looks amazing.

Uma Says

On the whole Hollywood scene:
“My ambitions have been raised as I have less to lose. I feel I could do anything and if people don’t like it, then I’ll go on to try something else. You see your friends go up and down the ladder, but it’s such a temporal way to look at things. If you’re a slave to the fame game then it’s a really ugly universe. That’s not my mission – and I feel fantastic.”

On the role of women in films:
“Most films these days are men’s stories. Women are for add-on romance. That’s very hard.”

On dating:
“It is better to have a relationship with someone who cheats on you than with someone who does not flush the toilet.”