Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster in "The Brave One"

Jodie Foster in “The Brave One”

Jodie Foster was never the best looking actress in Hollywood, but now that she’s got that hot mommy look going for her, she’s certainly worth talking about. Born Nee Alicia Christian Foster in 1962 in Los Angeles, Jodie was raised by her film publicist mother, who helped in finding her acting work at an early age. First appearing on television commercials at the age of three, Jodie continued to work in the industry in small television roles, as well as a number of French-speaking films throughout her early teen years. In 1976, Jodie stunned moviegoers in her role as an adolescent prostitute in the Martin Scorsese film “Taxi Driver,” and only one year later was considered for the role of Princess Leia in George Lucas’ space opera “Star Wars.”

Following her early success as an actress, including an Oscar nomination for her performance in “Taxi Driver,” Jodie enrolled at Yale University where she majored in English Literature. Jodie’s Hollywood popularity carried over to her academic studies, and despite trying to fit in, she was thrust back in to the spotlight in 1982 when John Hinckley performed an assassination attempt on President Reagan. Completely obsessed with Jodie and her character in “Taxi Driver,” Hinckley sent many letters, including one final confession of his love only hours before his attempt on Reagan’s life.

After a long break from Hollywood, Jodie returned to the scene in the late 80’s and added two award-winning films to her resume: “The Accused” and “The Silence of the Lambs,” for which she is still most known for to this day. In 1991, Jodie founded her production company Egg Productions and made her directorial debut with “Little Man Tate.” The rest of the 90’s were mostly pick-and-choose years for the actress, who now had the rare ability to be very selective on what roles she wanted to do. Jodie disappeared again soon after, only to return in 2002 with the brilliant suspense film “Panic Room,” and it looks as if she’s ready to try this whole celebrity thing all over again.

Jodie on Screen

Jodie has been working in film for the past three decades, and although her resume is pretty impressive, it’s unlikely that most moviegoers know of most of her appearances. Still, Jodie has made quite a name for herself with roles in “Taxi Driver,” “The Accused” and “The Silence of the Lambs.” In the 90s, Jodie continued to perform in more mainstream roles in films like “Maverick” and “Contact,” as well as directing one of the funnier holiday-themed movies: “Home For the Holidays.” Jodie took a break in the late 90’s before returning to film at the turn of the new decade with an appearance in the indie film “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys” and the blockbuster thriller “Panic Room.” Jodie also starred in the Neil Jordan thriller “The Brave One” as the tough chick lead.

Jodie Says

On life:
“Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.”

On her career:
“I don’t need to be Tom Cruise. I just need to work forever.”