7 Essential Travel Items Men Need to Pack for Ultimate Comfort


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Do you hate packing too, just like every other man? Well, I can understand your pain. Don’t we, men, wish someone could do it for us every time we were going on a holiday? Ahh, but not every one of us has a beautiful girlfriend or wife at home who is willing to do the packing for us!

Okay, jokes apart. This is no lie that all of us like to pack only an hour before our flight or taxi. It hurts real bad when we miss, while on vacation, our dear item that we left at home. After all, we all love comfort and convenience. So, I have come up with a checklist for men who always pack at the last moment, but also like to have everything with themselves for a comfortable travel. Here we go!

Lightweight Backpack

Always carry a lightweight backpack with you. Oh, now that’s something boys don’t like doing. They want free hands and shoulders. But, believe me when I say that a backpack, if lightweight and comfortable, is more of an asset than a liability. Choose a backpack that is very spacious but light at the same time. After all you need to carry all the other essentials, that I will talk about later, in this bag.

Sturdy Footwear

Okay, so my opinion here is that you carry less pairs maybe, but carry ones which are comfortable and durable. Yes yes I know, you may say in your defense, that a piece of footwear can make or break your look. But footwear can even break your back and hurt your feet!

So, always pack a pair of shoes that are sturdy and durable, ones in which you can take hikes, long walks and maybe run. You get so many cool options these days. For example, tactical boots have become very popular and are widely used by travellers and outdoor enthusiasts these days.

Neck Pillow

This is one other item that I feel is quite necessary for those long flights, rocky rides, and overnight bus journeys. A neck pillow gives support to your neck and lets you peacefully take a nap without having to swing your neck sideways while half asleep. You don’t have to pack it, you can hang it on your travel bag.


How about looking hot and cool at the same time? Sunglasses don’t take much space in your bag but add to your looks significantly. More importantly, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. In case you don’t already have one, get yourself UV protected sunglasses, and don’t forget to pack them on your next trip.

Water Bottle

Ditch plastic, carry your own water bottle. Be a responsible traveller. Get yourself a glass or stainless steel bottle for your travels. Moreover, who knows if you will always be able to find a store selling packaged water. So, to avoid inconvenience, always carry your own water bottle, and refill it wherever you can.

Battery Backup

Well, all of us are glued to our phones all the time. And more so during vacation. Because we need to tell the world that we are vacationing. Or, we are navigating! This considerably drains our phone batteries. For those moments of crisis, you need to pack a portable charger with you. You just can’t be sure about being able to always find a spot to plug in your charger.

Travel Kit

Now, this is one item that is given the least importance in the lives of men – a travel kit! It is so convenient to pack all of your toiletries and cosmetics in a travel kit, and be sure about being able to find them at the right time.

Did I just make packing sound very easy? Not rocket science after all! Just remember this checklist, and you are set to go. You don’t need anyone else to do the packing for you. Happy Vacationing!


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