This Tantric Massage Trick Will Make You a Rockstar in Bed


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Having a massage is when a masseur works her way through your muscles with the right amount of pressure to relieve pain and stress. Tantric massage is similar to that, but it involves healing and letting your energy spread through your body. It can give you strength and calmness and increases your self-confidence. And it also awakes the heart so that you can discover your inner power. Tantra can teach men how to control and master their sexual energy and makes them realize their potentials as a loving partner. Through Tantra Massage, a person can feel more secure and confident in his erotic life, love life, work-life, and most importantly, in his relationship with himself.

Trick That Will Make You A Rockstar in Bed

Tantric massage involves the unity of body, soul, and energy. Every Person Deserves a break from real life to explore their true selves. Taking a little break from your life and family every now and then can be helpful to restore your energy and to explore your inner self. Experienced masseurs at Karma Tantric know that you can awaken your heat through tantric massage. And that will give you a peace of mind and sense of the present, which will allow you to get back to your partner and life with more confidence and strength. You can also use Tantric massage tricks with your partner to bring more spirituality into the bedroom.

If you’re willing to give your partner a tantric massage, start by setting a romantic mood in the bedroom with candles and relaxing music. Breathing together while maintaining eye contact is essential because it keeps you in the moment and helps you focus on your energy. You can start the tantric massage by covering your partner’s body with warm oil. This will awaken all erotic energy. And you can try a variety of touches such as light feather touches and gentle stroking while moving your hands in the chest and stomach area. Massaging these areas with warm oil doesn’t only feel good, but will also move the energy to the rest of the body, making your partner happy and satisfied.

The idea of sacred sexuality inspires tantric Massage. That a person should open their heart and mind to explore themselves and to feel more confident while having tantric massage, you will find that our bodies and energies are all synched together. And that it helps in having more peace of mind. Having tantric massage is an excellent opportunity to get rid of all your stresses and life obligations for a while and experience sensation and inner peace. Tantric massage is also essential between partners as the session is all about having a loving and caring attitude. And that attitude is what awakes the heart and gives you pleasures while staying in control of your body’s energy. It is very important to focus and sense the present moment in order to enjoy it. With tantric massage, you will be able to access new dimensions of your mind and yourself.


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