The Undeniable Benefits of Fitted Bedrooms



When it comes to designing a new bedroom, perhaps you’re moving to a new house or maybe you are expecting a little one along soon, there are two routes you can take. The first route, chosen by most, is to look for furniture to fill the available bedroom space. However, a better solution, one that we think allows you to use the available space as effectively as possible, is to go for a fitted bedroom.

Here are just some of the reasons to take this route.

Bespoke Furniture Designs

Bespoke furniture means furniture that is made for you and according to whatever specifications you decide to set. When you are growing up, a piece of furniture doesn’t seem like a very important thing. However, when it comes to designing your own room and setting the rules for your own space, many of us will suddenly put quite a lot of thought into things we had never considered before.

With bespoke furniture, you get something truly unique and crafted specifically for you and your situation. Sure, you might get lucky with a store-bought solution and happen upon the perfect piece to complete your existing ensemble. But why take the risk? With a bespoke fitted bedroom, you know for certain that the furniture you have will be ideally suited to your bedroom.

More Space

A fitted bedroom will enable you to use all of the space in your bedroom as efficiently as possible – you would be amazed what you can accomplish just by moving things around a little (unless you’ve played Tetris, in which case you are well aware). A fitted bedroom doesn’t just enable you to take advantage of as much floor space as possible, you can also utilise vertical space that is quite hard to use effectively with off-the-shelf solutions.

Choose Materials and Colours

The look and feel of a room go far beyond the furniture that’s inside of it. The colours that are used throughout, the curtains, the carpet, the wallpaper can all have a considerable impact on the way that we perceive a space. Different looks and feels will evoke different moods in people; if you want a bedroom that truly feels like your own space, it needs to make you feel good to just be in it. The best way of achieving this is by choosing a colour scheme that suits you.

The materials that you choose will also play a big role in how the room feels – figuratively and literally. Businesses like The Home Design Group a number of options for the materials and colours in their rooms. This enables the customer to fine-tune the atmosphere in their bedroom to their preference.

Incorporate Storage

As well as creating more physical space, a fitted bedroom can contain as much storage as you like. In fact, some of the most impressive fitted bedrooms are those that are able to disguise their storage. These designs allow for a massive amount of storage without having to compromise on the overall look or available space.

We all want our bedrooms to be ours – truly ours. A bedroom should feel like your own personal kingdom, a small part of the world that is exclusively yours and for you. A fitted bedroom enables you to truly express yourself while also making sure that you are using the available space as effectively as possible.

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