The Flash Season 5: The ultimate geek TV show


If you were asked about comic book-based tv shows, The Flash might be one of the shows you’d mention. Many people have become addicted to the show over the years, and the latest season has taken the viewers with a storm. Technically, there are many reasons for watching the Flash, and it isn’t just because it’s about the fastest man alive.

The Flash season 5 is the ultimate geek tv show, and we will be exploring that in this article. So, fasten your seat belts because we are about to take off.

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Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, and Oliver Queen, played by the infamous Stephen Amell, wake up one day only to realize that they have swapped bodies with one another. As a result, they decide to find out what happened previously. They want to know what interfered with the timeline that made them switch bodies. You can imagine how the Flash would look in the Arrow’s costume, and vice versa.

But that isn’t such a big deal, until they present their case to Team Flash. The members of the team don’t believe them. This confuses because they think Barry is Oliver and Oliver is Barry. For that, the two superheroes seek help from Supergirl/Kara, played by Melissa Benoist. Supergirl helps Barry and Olive travel to Smallville on Earth-38, where they meet Clark Kent, Supergirl’s cousin.

Episodes Review

Here is a deeper look at the Flash season 5 episodes to give you a glimpse of what goes down.

Episode 1: Nora
As the name suggests, the first episode of season 5 is mainly about Nora West-Allen, who’s played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. Nora, who is an unexpected guest from the future, appears at their home, and this causes Barry and Iris, played by Candice Patton, to get her back to the future. However, the two need to be careful when getting Nora back to the future. They should not interfere with the timeline that has already been meddled with. The entire team join hands and are willing to send Nora back as they do their best to fight another cruel metahuman.

Episode 2: Blocked
The second episode is about Barry trying to help his daughter Nora, become a better speedster. Also, he joins hands with the rest of the team to find a metahuman that is trying to steal a high-tech weapon. As they try to bring down the meta, they meet a new rival, Cicada, who’s played by Chris Klein. Cicada is also hunting the same meta Team Flash is pursuing.

Episode 3: The Death of Vibe
If you were a lover of Vibe/Cisco Ramon, played by Carlos Valdes, be ready to let him go in this third episode of season 5. After Cicada poses a deadly attack on The Flash, the team tries to counter his strategies for them to save their superhero. Here, Nora is desperate to help his parents, so she devises a plan that involves Vibe trying to save the Flash. As a result, Vibe ends up being killed by the supervillain, Cicada.

Episode 4: News Flash
Team Flash is in yet another battle with Spin, played by Kiana Madeira. Spin is a skilled millennial armed with meta tech, and he has an evil motive for Nora. As a result, Barry and Iris are trying what they can to take care of their daughter accordingly. On the other hand, Ralph, who’s played by Hartley Sawyer, feels hopeless, but he gets help from an unexpected source to help him boost his confidence.

Episode 5: All Doll’d Up
Another family crisis is experienced when Nora discloses something about the future, which ends up devastating her mom, Iris. Barry, on the other hand, tries to distract his wife by asking her to help him stop another metahuman, Rag Doll, played by Troy James. As they try to bring down the dangerous metahuman, Caitlin, who’s played by Danielle Panabaker, finds out something new about her father.

Episode 6: The Icicle Cometh
Top Team Flash members, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco have learned something new about Caitlin’s father, played by Kyle Secor. As they try to handle that, Iris and Sherloque, played by the multifaceted, Tom Cavanagh, follow a clue they got about Cicada.

Episode 7: O Come, All Ye Faithful
Barry is nowhere to be found, and his daughter, Nora is going crazy about his disappearance. On the other hand, Barry and Team Flash are trying to stop another powerful metahuman called Weather Witch, who’s played by Reina Hardesty. Weather Witch is crazy, and she wants to kill her own father, Weather Wizard, played by Liam Mcintyre. Team Flash must do all they can to stop this from happening.

Episode 8: What’s Past is Prologue
Barry and the team have a plan of stopping Cicada as the show marks its 100th episode. Barry is expected to travel back with his daughter, Nora. They go back to get some essential supplies. But, as usual, Barry is hesitant because he doesn’t want the daughter to see some parts of his life. Sherloque talks to Iris about Nora and Caitlin plays a significant role in bringing Cicada down.

Just so you know, Tom Cavanagh directs this 100th episode. Hats off, Tom.

Episode 9: Elseworlds Part 1
Here is where Barry Allen and Oliver Queen wake up with switched bodies. This is not giving Barry [and Olive]an easy time. While Team Flash thinks they are talking to Barry, they really are talking to Oliver. Barry keeps telling them he is the real Barry, but the team doesn’t buy that. Episode 9 was aired on CW on December 9, and the next episode is very much anticipated. What will happen next? Will they manage to travel back in time and fix that switch? Regardless of the results, Team Flash always finds a way to solve a problem.

Even though Cicada is stubborn and ends up killing Vibe, there are other top villains in The Flash tv show, who gave Barry and his team a hard time.


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