How can I learn to think faster?


Is it possible to think faster? What does it even mean to be a fast thinker? There are those who claim that fast thinkers are more charismatic and that might be true. Thinking fast could mean that you don’t spend too much time on things that are not relevant, and instead, get right down to business. You have to write a report at work, and in no time at all you have finished it, because you immediately knew what you had to do, you focused, and you analyzed exactly what was required quickly. This all sounds great, so how could you learn to think faster than you do now?

Train your brain

There are different ways to train the brain. Some of them are a lot of fun. You could play matching games like Hay Match in order to sharpen your thinking skills. In Hay Match you visit a farm where you match hay stacks and complete fun missions to get to higher levels. Puzzle games like this one are actually thought to help the brain in many ways. Some studies have shown that games like these increase motivation, reduce stress and improve your ability to solve problems.

If you can train your brain to solve problems effectively, it could lead to faster thinking processes and better results at work and in other situations too. Training the brain can be fun. Choose games that will entertain and relax you while you are also working on your faster thinking skills!

We are what we eat, or something like that…

You could also consider eating better brain food. Blueberries and wild salmon are examples of food that contain nutrients that are especially beneficial to the brain. If you want to change your diet to promote faster thinking then do your research to discover your ideal brain boosting diet. There are different theories but there are also certain truths. If you want to go on a diet where you cut the carbs you must bear in mind that the brain also needs carbs to function. By learning more about what your brain needs for optimal functionality, you can look into different diets and figure out how brain friendly they are.

Work on your brain powers with others

If you are serious about speeding up your mental processes, you might want to join in with other likeminded brain boosters. There are many others who feel just like you do. You can meet them in forums and through social groups online. You can find workshops on brain health, both online and in the real world. You’ll learn a lot, you can share your own ideas, and also practice brain training in a group, together with others in a relaxed and fun setting.

Why do you get stuck when trying to understand something?

Try to think about those times when it took you a long time to grasp something. Why did you get stuck? What were you thinking about? Maybe you are actually a fast thinker but you tend to spend too much time on things that aren’t really relevant to the task at hand. Look within, and learn more about yourself in order to see if you need to straighten a few things out before you can speed up your thought processes.


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