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Reflecting on the past

Typically, when I think about a Camacho cigar, I envision Las Vegas, cards being shuffled, bourbon whiskey being sipped, and a full-flavored Camacho cigar being leisurely puffed! In a scene like this, you are truly living in the moment, your senses are heightened, adrenaline is pumping and you are fully engaged — here and now! The past and future are non-existent – a great frame of mind!

However, I recently traveled back “home” to my hometown. I made the nine hour drive with some old CDs, a number of Camacho cigars packed in my travel humidor, and some old, dusty memories from yesteryear. The intent of this trip was a high school reunion. Though I left my hometown immediately following graduation, I visited often in the earlier years, but not nearly as much in the recent years. And, I have never missed one of my high school reunions.

The weekend included a “mixer” on Friday night, followed by the actual reunion on Saturday night. A few of my closest buddies even added Sunday daytime and night activities to our agenda. By Sunday night, when most everyone was beginning to wind down, I fired up a Camacho blended Room 101 cigar, thought about the eventful weekend, and made the following observations:

– The farther removed you are from high school, the less you worry about who is popular, pretty, cool, etc. Everyone is all of these!

– Some of your best friends and memories are made in this group of people and are made for life. This is likely because you literally grew up together. In other words, you were most vulnerable and naïve with your closest friends during this era, and we all witnessed first hand the successes and messes that began to shape our adult life. These joys and pains were shared among us equally.

– As the years go by, the number classmates who are no longer in this life to join a reunion gets to be a bigger number. Just the fact that you are here to attend such a function is a gift to be appreciated.

– The attendees’ current financial or social status in life rarely came up, let alone seemed to influence viewpoints on one another. Instead, all seemed genuinely satisfied with the fact that we were there, in the moment, smiling, joking and reminiscing.

– A good Camacho cigar could pair well with the reflection on fond memories, old friends, and the trials and tribulations from back in the day, just as well as it would pair with a good night in Vegas!

If your 20 year (or more) high school reunion did not provide a similar or even better experience, you missed out on something special. If you are not nearly that far removed from high school, even better — because your future reunions will be something you should look forward to and experience.

So, pick out a Camacho cigar and let’s get smokin’!

Cigar Review:

Room 101 Camacho

Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras, Dominican Republic

Size: 5 inches x 50 ring gauge
Price: $7 to $8

Room 101 CamachoThe Room 101 is a collaboration cigar between Christian Eiroa, of the founding family of Camacho, and Matt Booth, the edgy jewelry entrepreneur and actor. It’s a cigar that appeared to be branded around a lifestyle and branded to align with the jewelry. This made me skeptical, at first, as the cigar itself seemed to be secondary to the existing jewelry brand.

Look and feel

I like the look of the Room 101. Naturally, the artwork on the bands is good, and I especially like the silver and black color scheme. This — coupled with the dark, oily and somewhat veiny wrapper leaf — gives it a tough, almost industrial look. Its traditional three capped head and somewhat weighty feel in the hand initiated a positive first impression.

Aroma and Taste

Nothing about this cigar was subtle. Its aroma was distinctive, but pleasant both pre and post-light. The opening seemed to vary quite a bit, introducing and highlighting the key flavors that would later blend into a nice tasty smoke. First you got an earthy, moss-like puff, followed by a couple of puffs that were clearly black pepper, slightly sweet black cherry and, unfortunately, one or two puffs that had a cardboard taste to it. Luckily, these flavors blended into an enjoyable smoke with enough complexity to make it a recommended experience. In the latter half you could pick up hints of cocoa and espresso at times. The cigar also seemed to get stronger in the latter third. All and all I find it to be a surprisingly good smoke from a new player on the market whose brand is much more established for his jewelry than for his cigars. I have to credit Mr. Eiroa’s influence and expertise for truly producing a real cigar.

RATING: 9.1 (on a scale of 1 to 10) – I have smoked a few cigars from this brand over the last few months, and the product proved to be very consistent.

By Bob Hritsko

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