Movie Review: “School of Rock”


Movie Review: School of RockJack Black‘s newest film, “School of Rock,” just may be the best comedy in years, featuring a laugh-out-loud script and a highly amusing Black that will keep a smile plastered on your face throughout the entire movie.

Black stars as Dewey Finn, a failed musician desperate for some cash after getting booted from his band. His roommate Ned (Mike White, who also wrote the film), a substitute teacher whose girlfriend Patty (Sarah Silverman) is threatening to kick Dewey out of the apartment, isn’t home the day Horace Green Prep School calls in need of an immediate sub. Dewey takes advantage of the situation to make some fast money by filling in for his friend.

Dewey, who has no experience teaching but figures he can baby-sit the class for a few weeks, discovers that his small class of fifth-graders is actually a litter of musical prodigies. Thinking only of his dreams of winning the upcoming Battle of the Bands, Dewey begins instructing the kids on playing rock music, hoping he can fine tune their minds and styles before the big contest, all while avoiding the unyielding principal Rosalie Mullins (Joan Cusack).

Movie Review: School of RockThere’s really nothing wrong with this film, aside from some of its unneeded supporting characters. “School of Rock” glides through a surprisingly long runtime with nothing but laughs and hopes of more Black antics. Don’t get me wrong, though — if you really don’t like Jack Black, you’re probably not going to enjoy the movie. This film is undoubtedly all Black, utilizing his entire bag of tricks to make this a worthy treat. His physical comedy and timing are priceless, not so very different from that of John Belushi, and this movie finally gives Black a comedic role that establishes his place as a lead actor.

I’ll say it again: “School of Rock” is the best comedy to come around in years. Its fresh script and remarkably hilarious cast make this film something you just have to experience to believe. While you’re deciding what movie to see this weekend, I’ll be at “School of Rock” again.

4 / 5 Stars
Starring: Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White, Sarah Silverman
Director: Richard Linklater


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