Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn

Whenever Rebecca Romijn is around, she lights up the stage. Whether it’s on the catwalk of a big-time fashion show or on the big screen as a blue-scaled mutant, she’s got the looks and the happy-go-lucky attitude needed to make it in a business weary of models trying to act. Rebecca began her career as a model when a scout discovered her while she was studying at the University of Santa Cruz. She quickly jumped on a train to Paris and skipped her way up the modeling ladder, landing a contract with Victoria’s Secret, appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and named one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful Women in one year alone. She soon met John Stamos on the set of “Full House” and they married shortly after. She was one of the early supermodels that captured the world’s imagination.

In 1997, Rebecca began an acting career as a guest star on the hit show “Friends” and quickly followed up with more guest spots on other popular shows like “Just Shoot Me” and “House of Style.” In 1999, Rebecca was featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and made yet another venture from television to film in the comic book adaptation “X-Men.” Rebecca’s acting career shows no signs of slowing down and has proved to many that she deserves a place in Hollywood.

Rebecca Romijn on the Screen

Rebecca began her acting career making guest appearances on such shows as “Friends” and “Just Shoot Me” before finally branching out into film, most notably in her role as Mystique in “X-Men” and “X2.” Rebecca has also appeared in the remake flop “Rollerball” and the erotic thriller “Femme Fatale,” for which she received critical raves.

Rebecca on Video

Rebecca on the catwalk
Rebecca Romijn – Victoria’s Secret Runway Walks (1996-1998).

Rebecca in bikini
Sports Illustrated’s 50 Greatest Swimsuit Models: #11 Rebecca Romijn.

Rebecca Says

On modeling:
“I’d have to say that, in general, models take themselves too seriously. Basically, they are genetic freaks who spend a couple of hours in hair and makeup.”