Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci in "Speed Racer"

Christina Ricci in “Speed Racer”

Critically recognized not only as one of the most daring young actresses in film, but also for her seemingly effortless transition from child star to indie queen, Christina Ricci is one of the hardest working women in Hollywood today; it’s just that no one knows it. Popular with the critics for her choice of emotionally demanding roles and carefree attitude, Christina isn’t one of the first names you think of when compiling a “Hollywood’s Hottest” list, but she’s certainly got the goods to impress with a stunning body and a mesmerizing pair of eyes that we could stare at all night long. Born in Santa Monica, California in 1980 and raised on the East Coast, Christina was instantly encouraged to make her way back to Hollywood after a film critic saw the young actress in an elementary school play. She was shortly cast as Cher’s daughter and Winona Ryder’s little sister in the 1990 film “Mermaids.” Christina followed up her performance in the highly praised film with a number of roles in family pictures like “The Addams Family,” “Casper” and “Now and Then” before heading to the Professional Children’s School alongside Macaulay Culkin to sharpen her acting skills.

It wasn’t until she appeared in Ang Lee’s “The Ice Storm” that she made her jump to maturity, but the still-young Christina quickly discovered that a fan base had developed around the adolescent sex symbols she was beginning to become known for. Christina has since become a seasoned veteran of the independent film scene and has commonly turned down starring roles in box-office hits in place of playing these such characters in smaller festival features. It’s not likely she always has a choice either. The rebellious actress has also lost out on a number of roles (from “Interview with a Vampire” to “Titanic” to “Romeo and Juliet”) because of her unique look and alternative style, but Christina’s road to success isn’t short by any means. She has enjoyed the pursuit of some projects that most actresses feel they don’t have the time for in the frenzied business of commercial film, and there’s no telling when she will peak as one of Hollywood’s more promising young actresses. As long as she continues to select her scripts with the same caution as before though, there’s no doubt in our minds that Christina will become one of the most sought after actresses in the business with the potential of a Meryl Streep. Christina has also appeared in the Wachowski’s big-screen adaptation of “Speed Racer” and was in another family adventure film (“Alpha & Omega”).

In 2011, Christina starred opposited Margot Robbie in the television show “Pan Am” which didn’t last past the first season.

Margot Robbie and Christina Ricci in Pan Am

Christina’s Sexiest Roles

Christina hasn’t been shy about showing off her amazing body in movie nude scenes. She’s barely 5-feet tall with a cute look that drives men crazy. One of her first was a hot topless scene in “Prozac Nation” in 2001 showing off her all-natural beauty. She undressed in a wide variety of roles, most recently in “Z: The Beginning of Everything” in 2015 with her full frontal scene with a merkin that we reference in her interview link below.

Christina Ricci on the Web

Christina Ricci on Instagram
Few girls have as much nerd-cred as Ricci does. See her latest updates here.

Christina Ricci Has Feelings About Her Zelda Fitzgerald Merkin
In this interview, Christina talks about playing Zelda Fitzgerald, along with her full-frontal nude scene. As we suspected, she was wearing a merkin. “After 20 years of waxing, I don’t think I can grow that much hair.”

Christina Ricci on the Screen

Christina’s short film career could be called illustrious to say the least, but most moviegoers aren’t very familiar with her resume past the child acting days of “The Addams Family” and “Casper.” And while Christina’s career continues to walk this same path of anonymity, it’s nice to see an actress that is more interested in the content of her work rather than the number of zeroes that appear on her paycheck. After starring in a number of forgettable indie flicks like “Buffalo 66” and “200 Cigarettes,” Christina has made a number of great script selections including Sundance notables like “Prozac Nation” and Woody Allen’s “Anything Else,” mainstream films like “Sleepy Hollow,” and Academy-award nominated films like “Monster.”

Black Snake Moan (2007)
This was an intense role for Christina, as our movie review notes she shined in the film . . . “while it’s always nice to see Ricci go topless for a role, the underrated actress actually makes you care about her character.”

Christina Quotes

On maturity:
Now my body is really womanly – a little too much so. It’s something I can fall back on. When I don’t know what else to do, I stick my chest out.

On acting:
“I don’t have any training, and I don’t believe in training. Of course, people who don’t have any training always say that.”