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Buy your copy from The Order (2003) Starring: Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, Shannon Sossamon, Peter Weller 
Director: Brian Helgeland
Rating: R
Category: Suspense/Thriller

"The Order" is this summer's supernatural thriller, an utter disappointment that, among other things, also strives to be a horror flick. In fact, this film doesn't really know what it wants to be, which is why it falls short of any building expectations it may have had. The title has no connection to the plot and the bad guy isn't really bad at all.

Heath Ledger plays Alex Bernier, a member of a dying order of priests known as the Carolingians who is called to Rome after the head of the order mysteriously dies. While investigating the murder and flipping through the pages of ancient church history, Alex stumbles upon the mythological description of the sin-eater, a man trained in stealing the souls and sins of others in order to free them before death.

"The Order" is a movie that is hard to sugarcoat with flattering compliments because there is little good to say about it. Both Ledger and co-star Mark Addy don't seem too thrilled with the film either, getting through each slow and dimly-lit scene with the excitement of a slug. It's hard to blame them, though -- with a painfully boring script, it's nearly impossible to capture the audience's attention, as even the exciting final minutes of the film show up far too late to have any lasting effect.

~Jason Zingale

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