Most Common Online Casino Bonuses for New Players


Offering rewards is an excellent marketing strategy. Almost any business uses some form of bonus or reward system to bring in new customers or gain loyalty. Online casinos are also fond of using this marketing tool to increase participation from players.

The world of online gambling is on the rise, and there are no signs of it slowing down. The market continues to grow with sports betting becoming legal in many parts of the world. As such, online bonuses proliferate to keep encouraging new players to join the exciting world of online gaming. Nevertheless, it is important to distinguish among these bonuses to find real opportunities. A player can take advantage of these promotions to gain a slight edge over the operator as a way to boost the chances of winning or at least minimise possible losses.

Understanding the different kinds of online casino promotions and bonuses

Players can choose from a variety of online casino promotions which are primarily created to produce the same result. That is to entice more players to join. You can learn about bonuses from bet365 from a list of regular promotions offered by online casinos below:

• Sign-up bonuses. Sign-up bonuses target new players. They entice them to deposit real money, get a feel of the site, participate in some games, and over time become loyal players. Among the bonuses offered by online casinos, sign-up bonuses provide the least risk to the player and it’s worth taking advantage of them. The bonus itself is the casino’s money, hence, losing it does not end up as a disadvantage to the player. It is an excellent way to try new and unfamiliar games.
• Match bonuses. Online casinos offer this type of bonus from time to time. The size of the match bonus will depend on the player’s deposit. The more you deposit, the higher match bonus you will get. In a way, a match bonus rewards loyal players and helps retain them.
• Free spin or free play. Almost all online casinos offer free spins or free games. This offer usually comes after a player signs up for the first time and makes a real money deposit. Online casinos have different terms and conditions which apply to free plays and free spin bonuses.
There are many other promotions used by online casinos depending on how they wish to strategise this marketing tool to gain loyalty and encourage new players.

Rules to abide by

Players need to be aware of the online casino’s terms and conditions before getting too excited about bonuses. Learning the dos and don’ts prevents confusion especially if it’s the player’s first time. Rules are often straightforward and easy to view. If a player has additional questions, there is always a dedicated support line to assist with player concerns.

Before taking advantage of bonuses and offers, players should always watch out for hidden rules or guidelines asking for a wager increase. It is still a good practice to know the specific terms and conditions especially when a bonus is offered tied to real money wagers.


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