How Your Car Can Free up Your Finances


If you’re sick and tired of shelling out on everything from gas to insurance, to tax, to repairs, to everything else that you need to pay for to keep your car roadworthy, then you’ll be glad to hear that your motor can actually make you some money instead. It’s true, your car can free up your finances and, if you play your cards right, can actually become quite a nice little earner for you.

Here are five ways your car can make you some cash, as well as some tips on what you need to do to get the absolute most out of it.

Treat your car as an asset, and use it as financial collateral

Your car is more than a four-wheel vehicle that gets you from A to B, it’s an asset of yours that can be used as financial collateral whenever you need to use it as such. More to the point, it is an asset that can be used to get yourself a secured Car Cash Point logbook loan, should you ever find yourself needing a cash injection or in debt at a particular time.

When you take out a logbook loan on your car, you borrow a reasonable and agreed upon amount of money from the lender in return for them taking ownership of the vehicle — don’t worry, you are still able to use and drive it throughout the process of repaying the loan! Just, whatever you do, make sure that you can pay the money you borrowed back by the deadline imposed to do so, as, if you don’t, your car will be taken away from you on all fronts, meaning you’ll neither own it nor be able to drive it.

Rent out your car when you don’t use it

Are there particular days of the week that you don’t drive? Perhaps your car lays dormant throughout the working week, and you only ever rev up your engines on the weekend? Perhaps it’s the other way round, and your car collects dust from Friday to Monday? Or, do you leave your car alone for extended periods of time throughout the year because of business trips or holidays? If you don’t use your car over a specific number of days or even months, then you can rent it out during them in order to make some money from something that otherwise wouldn’t be doing anything else at all.

You can rent out your car on sites, on which you can set the cost that you want to impose, the times that your car is available for renting and where you wish the pick-up location to be. Before you do decide to take such a venture, however, just make sure that your insurance covers you for renting out, as doing so when you are not allowed to will see your cover comprehensively voided.

If you get the bug for making some extra cash this way, then you should know that you can also rent out your driveway, parking space or garage, as well.

Turn your car into a moving advertisement

Wrapping your car in adverts might not seem ideal or at all appealing, but it can make you some extra money for doing nothing but driving around. So, if you’re in need of quick cash injection or a temporary solution to any financial problems that you are facing, and you otherwise haven’t got the time you need to sort such assistance out for yourself, then make sure you’re not too quick to dismiss the possibility of allowing for an advertising company to turn your car into a moving advertisement. Don’t worry, you can choose what adverts you wrap your car in, meaning you never need to be a brand ambassador for a company, product or service that you’re not comfortable with promoting.

It should be noted that, as a brand ambassador, no matter what that brand might be, you would have to be on your absolute best driving behavior. You will not be allowed to drive a car that advertises a brand if you speed around or do anything else that constitutes as dangerous driving, as it would look bad on them. So, if you take this money-making route, make sure you slow down.

Become a lifestyle courier

The rise of e-commerce trade and online retailing has meant that there is, today, always a need for delivery drivers, and you can use your car to become one. Becoming such a driver, otherwise known as a lifestyle courier, is a great way for you to earn extra cash on the side, and it’s not too difficult a task to be getting on with either — all you do is drive to your destination, drop off the package, and carry on doing so until all of your items have been delivered. You could work for a company such as Amazon Flex, or you can sign up as a self-employed courier. Whatever route you decide to take with it, to become a lifestyle courier, all you need to do is prove that you have knowledge of your local area, own a car that has valid MOT and own a valid driving license.

Carpool with others

Your car doesn’t just have the ability to make your money, as it can also save you some, too. Specifically, you can save money as a driver by carpooling and sharing your commute with others. By filling out the empty seats in your car with your coworkers, you stand to save hundreds each year thanks to the fact that you’ll be sharing the gas bill with them. Plus, you’ll earn yourself a one-way ticket into those free-flowing carpool lanes that you’ve often longed to be in while you were stuck in gridlock. So, it’s a no-brainer!

After from your home, your car is the next best thing in your possession that can be used to supplement your income. So, should you ever find yourself stuck, make sure you use it to help you free up your finances!


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