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What has become of our little Britney Spears? The once innocent school girl who was the fastest rising pop star in music is now the sex-addicted slut who wears t-shirts with sayings like “Virgin (But this is an Old Shirt)” and has now become an inside joke amongst crowds and an easy target for tabloid magazines looking to exploit her recent chain of bad decisions. Born in 1981 in Kentwood, Louisiana, Britney has been lighting up the stage since she made her stake as a “Star Search” contestant at only eight-years-old. She didn’t win, but she did nail an audition for the new “Mickey Mouse Club” variety show three years later, joining the ranks of fellow Mouseketeers and soon-to-be stars Keri Russell, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling for two years before the show’s eventual cancellation. Britney returned back home to a normal life after the show’s last episode and enrolled at her local high school, but the dreams she had of leaving the small town to pursue a musical career weren’t sidetracked for too long. Before she knew it, Britney was saying her goodbyes to high school friends and packing her bags for New York City with one thing on her mind: a major record label contract. She quickly signed with Jive Records and began promoting her first album, …Baby One More Time, on tiny stages in the middle of local malls for crowds of less than a hundred before her first single, “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” hit the airwaves and the lyrical farm girl was transformed into the newest pop princess on the market. The album went platinum in no time, with the help of other hits like “Crazy” and “Sometimes,” and Britney became an instant star.

Following numerous tabloid stories attempting to knock the young singer off of her pedestal, Britney released her second album in 2000, Oops!…I Did It Again, to mobs of awaiting fans. The Britney craze was in full swing and the humble princess fast became the Queen of Pop with sold out shows, respect from the music critics and a million-dollar contract with Pepsi. A year later, after countless news stories of her ongoing feud with Christina Aguilera and hush-hush relationship with ‘NSYNC front man, Justin Timberlake, Britney released her third and self-titled album. While Britney continued to rise with the success of her third LP, the pop star also began to lose a lot of her younger fans when she ripped off the schoolgirl gear and pranced around in skimpy underwear with giant snakes wrapped around her neck. In what appeared to be a desperate attempt to reach out to the under-18 girls that continued to swarm the streets of Times Square and vote for their Most Requested Video, Britney released her first feature film, “Crossroads,” to newspapers filled with bad reviews and a Razzie Award for Worst Actress.

Britney continued to display her rebellious, “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” attitude when she began popping up in People and US magazines as a wild party girl who was no longer promoting herself as the momma’s girl she claimed to be. With her fourth and most recent album, In the Zone, Britney dumped the pop sound from her past albums in place of an experimental beat that was supposed to prove to critics that she had matured as an artist. The merely decent album wasn’t what everyone was talking about in 2003 though, but rather it was the infamous onstage kiss that she shared with Madonna during MTV’s Video Music Awards. If the luscious lip-lock wasn’t enough for trigger-happy photographers and juicy magazine articles, Britney’s 55-hour Vegas marriage to friend Jason Alexander (not George of “Seinfeld’) was one of the biggest news events of the year. Now that Britney has replaced the good girl image with a tabloid-led lifestyle of dirty secrets and an untamed nightlife, we beg to gamble on how much longer this self-styled princess has before she expires.

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Britney quickly became one of the most successful pop stars in the history of music; quite a long way considering that her musical roots were first planted in the cheesy Disney show, “MMC,” during its last two seasons on the air. Britney didn’t make a big ripple in Hollywood with the release of her girlfriend-road-trip movie, “Crossroads,” but she continues to top the charts nearly every year with the hottest new beats; or so we’ve been told. After becoming an instant success in 1998 with her debut album, Baby One More Time, featuring the slutty schoolgirl song of the same name, the young pop princess has matured into what the media would like to refer to as a diva. Regardless of her questionable title, Britney released three more albums in the next four years (Oops! …I Did It Again, Britney, and In the Zone) with an emphasis on self-expressional and experimental lyrics that have skyrocketed her star stock off the charts. Mere months after calling it quits in her marriage to K-Fed and then, subsequently, flashing the world her special place during a night out with Paris, Britney earned yet another notch in her Belt of Insanity by shaving her head. Thankfully, she’s finally starting to turn things around. After rushing out the so-so Blackout in 2007, Britney released Circus.

Britney Says

On her favorite songs:
“I always listen to ‘NSYNC’s ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart.’ It reminds me to wear a bra. ”

On rumors that she had a breast enlargement:
“I did not have implants, I just had a growth spurt.”

On the perks of being a singer:
“I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.”

On her new image:
“I’ve turned from a little nice school girl, into this sexy, slutty seductress. And I like it… I like it a lot.”