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The more professional your approach to the casino affiliate marketing program, the more money you’ll make on it. Read this article to discover some smart tips!

If you’ve decided to try your hand at an online gambling affiliate marketing program, that’s a brilliant idea! This business can bring you nice income — provided that you know how to approach it. In this article, we’ll tell you which type of ads to focus on, which content to create and how to establish rapport with your target audience.

Three Essential Types of Ads

Push ads, pop ads and direct click ads will be likely to drive the largest amounts of traffic to you. Let’s have a closer look at each variety.

Push Ads

Gamblers tend to act impulsively. They rely on their emotions much more than on logic. Don’t hesitate to capitalize on this trait of human behavior.

Push ads can be flexibly personalized. Their recipients will appreciate that. Personalization boosts the odds of getting the desired response to your message.

Besides, this type of ad can reach the widest target audience. People can see your messages at any time, regardless of what they’re currently doing.

Pop Ads

Such ads are typically placed on websites that can boast high traffic. Plus, they’re highly visible. It’s impossible to fail to notice them when you open the site. Pop ads are affordable and deliver an excellent ROI.

Direct Click Ads

These are domain redirects. People don’t need to make any extra clicks to see such ads. Normally, this ad variety occupies the full page and can contain a lot of information. Your goal is to grab people’s attention in the first second. Your CTA has to be compelling and your offer should be irresistible.

Three Crucial Strategies

When composing your marketing messages, it would be smart to employ these strategies:

• Promise high entertainment value. Create a landing page that shows its visitor a sample of a game, such as a grid of a slot machine. Write a fascinating headline. Make your copy informative and emotional. Come up with a convincing CTA.
• Inform about the amount of the welcome bonus. This strategy works wonders for novice gamblers who like to act on the spur of the moment.
• Utilize storytelling. The most motivating stories are about the real-life cases of people who won large sums of money. Such content motivates the audience to not only sign up for a gambling platform but also deposit cash. After all, if someone managed to hit a big win, others can try their luck too!

Last but not least, make sure all your ads and messages are of the highest quality. This refers both to the texts and visuals. Online casinos, game developers and sports bookmakers invest huge sums in UI/UX. Their clients are used to the fact that each design element is eye candy. Make sure to deliver an identical aesthetical impression to your audience!

Be Audience-Specific

Create a portrait of your ideal client by answering these questions:

• Where are they from?
• How old are they?
• Are they men, women or both?
• What’s their level of income and how much can they afford to spend gambling?
• What’s their educational level?
• Are they novice or experienced gamblers?

Fine-tune your wording to match the tastes and habits of your target clients. When addressing seasoned gamblers, it’s important to use the specific terms of the industry. Newcomers, by contrast, will appreciate simple language.

Back Up Your Words with Facts

Whenever possible, provide links to the facts, trends and numbers that you mention. Here is an example of how it should look like: “The top grossing casino gaming apps are reported to be…” Such an approach adds authority to your words and accentuates the fact that you’re an industry expert.


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