How Can You Play Crypto Poker?


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Online poker is starting to see a rise in cryptocurrency gambling. The gambling industry is getting new chances to make money as blockchain technology, and new poker rooms become more popular. The game for cryptocurrencies has several benefits, such as instant deposits and withdrawals, no fees for using payment systems, and no risk of having an account closed.

How to Play Crypto Poker, Step by Step

Sign up for an account on the exchange

You’ll need to get some first if you don’t have any bitcoins in your BTC wallet or exchanger account. To do this, you need to sign up on the exchange and add money to your account using one of the ways the exchange lets you add money. You could also give your BTC address to a friend and ask him to send you some bitcoins.

Buy digital currency

After your account on the exchange has been verified, you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. You can usually add money to your exchange account with rubles, dollars, or euros through a bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. Most transactions with credit and debit cards are processed within minutes, and bank transfers are usually credited to an account within 1–4 business days.

After depositing RUB, USD, or EUR, you can quickly and easily buy cryptocurrency on the exchange. But remember that the price of bitcoins can go up and down after you buy them.

Get a cryptocurrency wallet

Some exchanges offer wallets to put money into a Bitcoin poker room, but it’s best to make your wallet to keep your crypto assets safe. There are five crypto wallets: online, mobile, desktop, hardware, and paper. It is often best to use an online wallet to deposit cryptocurrency at online poker crypto rooms or other gambling sites.

Move the currency to the wallet

Choose the right amount to send from the exchange and paste the wallet address into the transfer form. Use two-factor authentication to confirm the transaction.

Sign up for a poker room

If you don’t already have a Bitcoin poker account, sign up with a poker room that lets you put money in using cryptocurrency.

Send the bitcoins to the poker room

Go to the poker room’s cashier and pick a bitcoin deposit. Input the amount you want to deposit, copy the poker site’s BTC address, and paste it into the form for sending money from a cryptocurrency wallet. Type the amount you want to send to the poker room and click “Send.” You won’t have to wait more than 15–30 minutes after a transaction to receive a transfer. After that, your poker balance will be updated, and you can start playing crypto.


With a new technology called “smart contracts,” some crypto-based sites now say they can handle transfers immediately. Ethereum uses this way, which has another significant advantage over regular cash transfers, making it a better choice. You won’t have to keep any money with a third party any longer.


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