How to Pick the Best Moissanite Engagement Ring!


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The jewelry industry has predominantly had a diamond as the number one choice for engagement rings. However, things have changed with the inclusion of moissanite stones into the equation. For those who cannot afford a diamond, moissanite is by far the best alternative to pick. Most importantly, this gemstone has similar qualities and is sometimes even better than diamond. Therefore, the stone gives you value for money.

Moissanite engagement rings flood the market with different designs and styles for anyone. In that case, it is usually not an easy decision to make on what type of ring to choose. With the variety available in the market, you would not know what to pick because there is a lot to put into consideration.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Guide

There is a guide to choosing the perfect moissanite engagement ring for your special person. Therefore, it would help to stick to it if you want to get the best choice. However, you need to find time to be with your partner. That way, you will know what they like and what they dislike. This is a crucial step toward getting an idea of what would make a perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Remember that your engagement ring will take your relationship to a new level. It is a sign of commitment and love to your special person. Ultimately, it is a very important part of your marriage proposal. In the end, you should pick a ring that fits your personality to enhance your relationship.

Moissanite is not a diamond. However, they have close resemblance and qualities. To pick the best moissanite engagement ring, here is what you need to do:

1. Make use of the 4Cs

Jewelry stones get their qualities through their cut, color, carat and clarity. Therefore, these four aspects will help know the best choice of a ring to make for your loved one. For instance, the cut defines the stones’ ability to reflect light and shine. Moissanite has a high refractive index and therefore, has great fire and brilliance for beauty.

The most common shade of moissanite is colorless. However, you can also pick from its variety of colors. Again, moissanite is by far less dense than diamond. Therefore, it will make a good option for light jewelry. In addition, the clearer the moissanite stone, the higher the quality.

2. Go for a simple design

Moissanite comes in different sizes and shapes. This is so because it is easy to cut and shape. For that reason, you can easily get lost in identifying the best engagement ring for your partner. However, a simple design will work wonders especially when you want to make the first impression.

Go for a sleek simple style for your moissanite engagement ring. It will work wonders and even save you unnecessary expenses that may turn out futile should your partner fail to like it. Therefore, simplicity will always win.

3. Stay within your budget

Buying moissanite engagement rings is a less expensive endeavor compared to buying a diamond ring. However, the price varies based on the size and quality of the stone. For that reason, it is important to make sure you do your calculations right. For instance, buying 0.98-carat moissanite instead of 1 carat will save you some money. Again, no one can tell the difference.

Do not overstretch your budget to impress. If you cannot sustain your expenditure at that level, it will be a huge disappointment going into the future. There is a lot to compromise but still, get the best ring for your partner.

4. Choose from a list of options

Diversify your search for moissanite engagement rings. These lab-grown stones come in different varieties. Therefore, it will help you to contact a few dealers before settling on your choice. Check online for reputable moissanite dealers. Online reviews and customer feedback will perfectly guide you in picking the best engagement ring to buy.

Final thoughts

Even though moissanite is a great stone for your engagement ring, you will need some research and knowledge in picking the best. Different sizes, shapes and clarity of stones attract different prices. Therefore, knowing how much it costs to get the different varieties will help you have a great experience with your partner.


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