Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Warranty Plan


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Buying a warranty for major home appliances and systems can be difficult. Homeowners must consider each plan’s conditions, deductibles, and premiums, but what they’re really looking for is the assurance that they’ll stay comfortable and safe while suffering minimal inconvenience. Here, buyers will learn what to think about when choosing a home warranty plan.

Wear and Tear on Existing Appliances

A home’s appliances are there for just one reason: to make the family’s lives easier. Wear and tear can add up over time, but if these systems and appliances are used in line with the manufacturer’s specifications, warranties will keep them running without worry about unexpected replacement and repair costs. Find out about home warranties and more available at 2-10.com.

Plans for Upgrades

New systems and appliances come with warranties, which are great—but they’re specific, and they run out too soon. Home warranties from 2-10 provide complete protection for your home’s most important parts.

Pre-Existing Conditions and Unaddressed Problems

We want to help families keep their homes in good condition, but there are certain limitations as far as pre-existing problems are concerned. If your appliance or system already has problems, consider repairing them—or replacing the component—before purchasing warranty coverage.

Working With Homeowner’s Insurance

A homeowner’s insurance policy protects a home and its contents from fires, natural disasters, and other perils. However, families also need protection from things that are guaranteed to happen, such as AC failures and appliance problems. Having a home warranty as well as a homeowner’s insurance policy will help keep your home a happier and more comfortable place.

Preventive Maintenance

Home warranties don’t cover preventive maintenance, but they often penalize homeowners for not getting it. We don’t do that; we understand that some families just don’t have the time. That’s why we offer coverage for when major appliances and systems break down from everyday use.

Cosmetic Damage to Appliances

A home warranty is designed to cover components and systems that fail due to ordinary wear and tear. If normal usage causes cosmetic blemishes, they should be covered. However, if the damage is due to intentional or reckless conduct, it might not be.

Upper Limits

Warranty plan upper limits vary, but we offer some of the most competitive coverage levels in the industry. In some instances, we can offer five times more coverage than some other companies.

Claim Waiting Periods

Many plans come with waiting periods, which can be a real hassle if you have appliances that need repairs now. When choosing a warranty plan, pick one with the lowest possible waiting period.

Find a Home Warranty Plan That Combines a Great Reputation, Company Expertise, and Superior Customer Service

The best home warranty plan is one that can be of maximum benefit when it’s time to repair or replace one of a home’s major appliances or systems. When these components are up to date, home equity rises—as does resale value.


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