Have You Considered Grease Monkey Cannabis Seeds?


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Cannabis users have specific preferences when it comes to their favorite bud. Many of them discovered growing cannabis is the best way to choose certain strains and ensure they are pure. Total satisfaction starts with selecting the right seeds based on the user’s desired outcome. Some prefer Sativa, others like Indica, and a combination is often a popular choice. With combinations in mind, have you thought about growing grease monkey cannabis seeds?

Selecting the Cannabis Seeds

Growers considering grease monkey seeds should choose reputable sellers who provide exactly what is described. Legitimate grease monkey seeds are Indica-dominant, containing about 70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa. Grease monkey is a combination of two other popular cannabis strains—gorilla glue and cookies and cream. As a result, grease monkey has influences from both strains with a THC concentration of up to around 30 percent. Thus, it is not a CBD-based experience. However, it is a good choice for growers because the variety thrives indoors and outdoors with a flowering period of about eight weeks.

What Makes Grease Money Cannabis Special?

The grease monkey strain has flavors of diesel and vanilla, making it a smooth experience with minimal harshness or coughing. During exhalation, grease monkey has a slightly spicy flavor. This strain is not meant to be consumed discreetly. The dank odor is evident from grinding the bud until consuming it. In addition, grease monkey buds are a forest green hue with slivers of purple throughout, making them beautiful to look at as well as consume. When enthusiasts see and smell these dense and somewhat furry buds, they instantly recognize quality.

How Does Grease Monkey Make Consumers Feel?

The ultimate tests of cannabis seeds are whether they grow prolifically and how the bud makes consumers feel. The gorilla glue aspect of grease money makes it ideal for those who want to relax. However, the cookies and cream influences make it ideal for after work, so users can still perform routine tasks while unwinding after a long day. Some users of grease monkey cannabis also report feelings of happiness and euphoria, while others slowly get sleepy. Many people use the grease monkey strain to relieve stress, physical discomfort, and help them get to sleep after a particularly stressful day.

Benefits of Grease Monkey

Consumers turn to grease monkey to relieve a variety of conditions, including debilitating depression and stress. Plus, those with insomnia find the creeping effects of this strain beneficial. Grease monkey slowly helps consumers relax yet also enables them to perform routine responsibilities after work. As the user unwinds and gets things done, they become ready to sit on the sofa and enjoy their favorite hobbies or get some much-needed sleep. Plus, growers appreciate the fact that this strain matures in up to nine weeks with dense buds that look and smell incredibly irresistible to any cannabis fan.

Many aficionados now choose to grow cannabis, rather than purchasing the bud itself. Within weeks, consumers have a crop of their favorite cannabis. Grease monkey is a convenient option that grows well indoors or outdoors, depending on the grower’s preference. Plus, the benefits of the grease monkey strain are evident after the first consumption. Start swinging from the trees with other grease monkey users who discovered its ability to help them unwind, relax, and enjoy life a little more.


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