How to enhance your mobile entertainment experience with 5 essential accessories



We are living in an era of entertainment like never before. With every passing day comes a fresh artist, as well as new episodes of the hottest show on Netflix or Disney Plus. But you don’t need to be home anymore to get your entertainment fix, only to own a smartphone. Streaming a show on the bus or a trip abroad has never been easier. And technology keeps on taking the mobile entertainment experience to more immersive heights, too. So, whether you’re a gamer or a movie buff, check out these five essential cell phone accessories.

Power bank

Does your phone make a habit of shutting off at the worst possible time? Then, a power bank is a must-have to make sure your mobile phone doesn’t run out of juice too frequently. Indeed, you probably wouldn’t want the battery to power out while you’re getting to the climax of a movie.

Yet, not all power banks are equal. The best portable battery comes with a compact and light frame, so that it doesn’t weigh down your backpack. Be sure to go for a fast-charging power bank, too. And last but not least, beware of low-quality portable chargers as they can damage your phone beyond repair.


Watching a TV show or a movie is an engaging way to pass time on a long commute. But holding your phone for hours on end can get tedious pretty fast. And it can be equally difficult to find the perfect position to lay your phone on a table. So, buying a kickstand can remedy the hassle.

You only need to put your phone in place on the holder to get a hands-free viewing experience. Better yet, some kickstands attach themselves to the back of your phone so that you can open the stand whenever you need it. And if you want to protect your phone as well, you might go for kickstand phone cases.

Portable speakers

Many phones don’t boast the best audio quality. Therefore, you can boost your audio experience with portable speakers. Bluetooth speakers offer different functionalities, depending on your needs. For instance, some speakers work underwater to let you listen to your music during a swimming session. These waterproof accessories are also a sure way to be the life of any pool party. And a portable speaker is also a road-trip essential.


Headphones have become a staple of our daily routine. At a time of widespread work from home, they’re a must-have accessory for joining in virtual business meetings. But headphones are essential for enjoying your own entertainment without bothering the ones around you, too. So, your best pick depends on your day-to-day habits.

Wireless earplugs are affordable options to exercise to music or call your friends on the go. With more money in the bank, you can even go for a wireless headset. Headsets are particularly prized by gamers, as they help them coordinate their strategies with their teammates in real-time. Such an accessory is just as useful if you’re placing bets on a mobile casino. Indeed, several mobile platforms offer live dealer experiences. This way, gamblers can enjoy a close to real-life experience around a poker or a blackjack table. But mobile casinos offer much more options to suit all players’ tastes, from exciting slots to card game tournaments.

Gaming controller

Mobile gaming is booming. In the past three years, over 500 million newcomers have jumped on the bandwagon. And from chill games to first-person shooters, mobile users have now access to an unparalleled variety of genres. Most mobile games are compatible with the touchscreen. But the more competitive gamers need to get a good grip on their phone to best play to their strengths.

So, gaming controllers offer a range of analog sticks and buttons to enhance the gaming experience. With a controller, the device is no longer hand-held. In fact, it becomes a mere monitor as the gamepad pairs up with the phone via Bluetooth.

Are you up for a movie night or a gaming session? Then you only need your phone and a handful of accessories to take your mobile entertainment experience to the next level. Besides, most of these essential items are on a budget!


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