6 Signs a Loved One is Addicted to Drugs


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Drugs can destroy so many lives – not only the lives of those addicted to them but the lives of friends and relatives of the addict. A hardcore drug user can steal from and abuse their nearest and dearest, and they can ruin themselves physically and mentally. If you suspect a loved one may be addicted to drugs, here are 6 signs to look for.

Evidence of Drug Paraphernalia

One of the glaringly obvious signs that a loved one is using drugs is the evidence of drug paraphernalia on their person, in their house, or car. Finding items such as used syringes, pipes, bongs, scorched metal spoons, and cigarette papers in a person’s vicinity is usually a red flag for drug addiction.

The person in possession of these items should be approached with caution and compassion. With luck, they will be forthcoming with information about their drug use, and you can encourage them to get professional help from a medical practitioner, or you could contact a rehabilitation center in your area such as drug rehab, Las Vegas. A good rehab institution will give your loved one the best support possible to enable them to overcome their addiction.

Mood Swings

Has your loved one turned from a sweet, easy-going individual to an angry and depressed tyrant for no apparent reason? Excessive mood swings can be a sign of addiction as drugs can cause periods of elation followed by massive slumps. A person reliant on a daily fix of drugs can show signs of agitation, irritability, and anger if they cannot get a fix when they need it.


Drugs are costly, and a serious habit can cost thousands of dollars a week. If you notice money, jewelry, or other expensive possessions going missing, it’s time to confront your loved one.

Secretive Behavior

If you have noticed that the person you suspect is using has become very secretive in their actions, such as missing work, essential appointments, and going out at unsocial hours of the day – they may be buying and administering drugs when they are alone.

Change in Physical Appearance

Depending on the drug being abused, the physical appearance of your loved one will start to change. Their skin will become dull, spotty, and red from broken capillaries. Many drugs will cause dilation of the pupils, so look into their eyes for this clue. The person’s weight will fluctuate – they may become bloated through drug use or extremely thin because the drugs have made them feel nauseous and destroyed their appetite. If you notice they have shaky hands and body tremors, this is another tell-tale sign of drug addiction. An addict will probably neglect personal grooming and look unkempt and unwashed.

Behavioral Changes

Addicts usually withdraw from their everyday lives and shun friends and family in favor of other addicts and drug dealers. Drugs can affect memory, and they may miss appointments and forget to do the most routine tasks. If they enjoyed hobbies and sports before using, these might fall by the wayside, and they lose interest in all aspects of their old life.

Any unusual behavior displayed by your loved one should be investigated, and you should offer your support when you can.


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