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Nowadays, working out is more than just hopping on a treadmill for the most boring 30 minutes of your life. You might have tried a variety of other exercises at your local gym, and have exhausted all your options, but you do not see the results you set out for. This is when you need to change it up a bit by understanding your body type and what kind of exercise it will respond to.

Consider exercising an art form or science that is yet to be discovered by you. We all have different bodies, shapes, and sizes, and limiting your exercise plan to a ‘one-size fits all’ won’t reap the benefits you desire. Workout plans need to be tailored according to your body type. We’ve gathered the best workout plans for your body type and how you can identify your body shape.

Which Body Type Are You?

Mainly there are three body type categories that people fall under, but they can also be a mix of either of them. They are Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph. You can easily find a measuring system online to know which body type you are precisely, and based on that, you can determine which workout is best for you.

The Ectomorph

If your body is an Ectomorph, then you’re probably built like a marathon runner. Your body is long, naturally thin, and lean. You have a delicate frame with narrow hips and shoulders. Ectomorphs are considered the ‘hardgainers’ in the fitness world because it can be a little difficult to build muscle and fat. Luckily, you have a fast metabolism and can quickly burn carbohydrates and turn them into energy.

An Ectomorph’s Workout Plan

Since it’s hard to gain muscles and fat, and you can easily burn calories, then cardio is possibly not the best exercise plan to go for. Don’t eliminate it entirely, but at least start out with low-intensity cardio to increase your heart rate at the beginning of your workout.

What you should mainly focus on is the wide variety of compound exercises as well as strength training for muscle building. Train 1-2 body parts per workout and go for 5-10 reps and 6-8 sets of each compound exercise. Also, make sure you lift heavy weights and get a few minutes of rest in between workout sets. You also don’t need to spend too much time at the gym; a good 45-minute workout three days a week is all you need. Consider also practicing yoga or taking up Tai Chi.

The Endomorph

Unlike the Ectomorphs, anyone whose body type is an Endomorph tends to store fat easily throughout the whole body because they have a slow metabolism. They’re considered to have the apple or pear shape because most of the stored fat can be in the abdomen; however, they tend to be strong and bulky too. Endomorphs are considered one of the toughest body types to manage weight loss, but not impossible. It can be hard to build muscle and super easy to gain weight, so they would need to develop a lifestyle where weight management is vital.

An Endomorph’s Workout Plan

The good news is that you can easily shed off fat, but you’re going to have to exert a little extra effort; you need to follow an intense workout plan that includes many forms of cardio that are followed by strength training to build muscle. Overall, you need to focus mainly on total body workouts, not just walking aimlessly on a treadmill, to burn calories and to see the best results instead of focusing on one area.

It’s best to include different cardio within your workout a minimum of 3 times per week. This could include swimming, hiking, walking or hopping on the elliptical and bike. Generally, start off with low-intensity training; biking is an excellent form of cardio, but finding an exercise bike that fits your body type is essential too, as to not put strain on your knees. You can also change it up by doing circuit training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), or aerobics, and lift weights at a moderate level.

The Mesomorph

Mesomorphs tend to be the in-between of the body types mentioned above as they have the best of both worlds; they can be lean, build muscle easily, while storing fat simultaneously. They’re the ideal body builder’s body as they’re naturally athletic; they have broad shoulders, strong legs, and low body fat with a moderate waist. Considered to be the ‘pot of gold’ of the fitness world, a Mesomorph’s goal is to improve what they already have and make the best of it; when their metabolism slows down as they age, they need to be on their best shape.

A Mesomorph’s Workout Plan

You need to be able to define your goals and by doing so, you’ll decide on the best workout plan for you. Start off first with a little bit of cardio for 10-15 minutes to get that heart pumping and then follow any of these plans according to your needs. Generally, with mesomorphs, the more varied the training is, the better results you’ll see.

If you want to increase stamina, then you need to focus on athletic activities that are fast in speed and timed. But if you want to become bigger in muscle bulk, then you need to train with a low rep strength using high weights. If you want to tone your body, then consider using low weight training with higher reps. You can also opt for HIIT training as well.

Information is abundant regarding the best workout plans for all body types, and it’s quite easy to get a little confused. All it needs is a little planning on your end; figure what your body type is and develop an exercise plan like the ones mentioned above to fit your needs. Along with the right nutritional program, then you’re on your way to a much healthier lifestyle!


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