The 21st century modern man is flourishing, here’s how you can too


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Much has been stated across the news as to whether men are slowly becoming less masculine. Popular TV series which are set in the past such as Mad Men and Peaky Blinders showcase a variety of male stereotypes; characters who strive to solve problems by dealing with the Jordan Peterson-esque chaos in their lives rather than succumbing to it. These TV shows which perpetuate the stereotype of men as strong bread winners and perhaps this is something that a lot of 21st century men are lacking, so you would think.

There is much negative press surrounding 21st century men and ‘Millennials,’ but there are still lots of men who are every bit as masculine as their earlier ancestors. Believe it or not, there has never been an easier time for a man to showcase his manliness and be the best person he can be. Technological advancements as well as the internet have meant that men can learn whatever they put their minds to, they just need to add a touch of dedication and hard work.

How Technology is helping the Modern Man

The internet has gifted men a never been seen before depth of knowledge that other generations of men would not even be able to dream about. By the virtue of the internet, men have a fountain of knowledge at their fingertips. Almost every skill can be learnt via the internet; video tutorials and E-books are two ways in which new skills can be learnt– you don’t even have to leave your house to access and learn these new skills, although we would not recommend anyone to stay in their houses 24 hours per-day.

Take a look below at our picks of the ways in which a modern man can flourish simply by learning and gaining easily accessible knowledge. Doing this will also teach you how you can stay one step-ahead of your rivals, especially handle if you’re single and looking for the women of your dreams.

Learn DIY and master basic woodwork techniques

One of the most traditional male roles to have ever existed is probably that of the wood-maker and blacksmith. Before the age of technology, most men had jobs which were in some way related to working with their hands – it is in our chemistry, our DNA. Men in the 21st century are living completely different lives to our ancestors. Our brains are becoming bored and inactive due to our sedentary lifestyles – sitting behind a desk during the workday in front of a computer screen and getting home and sitting on the couch at night. It might be unbeknown to you, but our brains do not enjoy this lifestyle, it is not natural and the brain will soon let you know that this is not what you were born for.

One great way to occupy and satisfy the mind is to create some of your own things from scratch. The feeling of satisfaction that you will receive from carving out your own table or chair from scratch is one of great accomplishment. In fact, why stay within the limited boundaries of tables and chairs? With basic woodwork techniques you will be able to create anything that you can put your mind to. Check out this video showcasing a miniature Japanese garden that was built from scratch!

Learning the basics of DIY will earn you a huge amount of admiration from girlfriends and housemates. You will be the superhero that helps the damsel in distress with the broken toilet. So, rather than having to call a plumber to fix the sink or the washing machine, you will be able to do it yourself. This will also save you lots of money that you will be able to spend on our next pick below!

Always dress to impress

Unless your bank balance is zero, there really is no excuse for not dressing well. Humans are animals by nature with animal instincts; if Peacocks have their feathers and lions have their manes; men have their perfectly tailored Italian suits, stylish haircuts and healthy physiques.

The clothes a man wears in public are akin to a peacock showcasing his rich feathers to the world. We all want to be respected, admired and liked and a good wardrobe is often the difference between bagging a date with the attractive shop assistant, securing that promotion at work and being invited to all the best parties in town.

You really do not have an excuse not to dress well given that it has never been easier to do so. Online shopping has meant that any outfit you want to wear is only a click-a-way from being delivered straight to your doorstep. Obviously, if you are looking for the perfect suit, you should go to a tailor who will measure you out for it. But a well-fitted and stylish shirt you can purchase online, the same with suit accessories. There are now various online businesses which will deliver a variety of suit supplement’s straight to your door. You can even sign up to these services by paying a monthly fee to have them send you a package every month. These packages are likely to contain luxuries such as; cufflinks, tie-clips, pocket handkerchiefs and more.

Whenever a man leaves the house, he should look good. And if you have a girlfriend or wife at home, you should be looking good around the house too. Saying that, if your spouse is driving you up the wall around the house, our next pick will help solve that problem for you too.

Know your liquors


Do you know what gives some brands of whisky their smoky flavours? Can you differentiate a top-quality brandy from a cheap one? Ensuring that you have a well-stocked and high-quality drinks cabinet will make sure that you have something to take the edge off after a hard day at the office.

A good knowledge of liquors is also impressive, there are a variety of videos online which will guide you through what makes a good scotch whisky, for example. This way, when you next go to the bar after work or over a weekend, you will know exactly what to order for yourself. No longer will you be drinking a whisky that you dislike in order to just look like a whisky drinker, you will be able to find a taste that you love.

Bring out your inner-James Bond

Although James Bond is a bit of a cliché these days, there are still lot’s that a man can take from him. We have already spoken about dress sense – Bond is second to none when it comes to dressing well. But what Bond is also good at is not allowing himself to dwell on things. He does not live in the past or the future, his thoughts and action are always in the present moment – this is something the modern man should strive for.

Too many men allow their past to pollute their lives. At the same time, a mind that is always looking into the future will struggle to enjoy what they have in the present, constantly thinking of the future is also likely to cause anxiety. There are a variety of books that can help you to attempt to focus your mind into being in the present: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is one of the best. Whilst ‘Island’ by Aldous Huxley centres around an Island that is inhabited by people who are uncorrupted by the ultra-modern world and live only in the present – the inhabitants even trained the wild parrots to echo the words “here and now” to them so the inhabitants of the Island never forget to stay in the present moment.

James Bond is always in the present moment and maybe this is the reason he is so appealing to women. Whether he is in a casino, which, you can play at any time you wish thanks to casino sites such as LabSlots – something Bond did not have the luxury of. Or whether he is in the middle of a secret mission on behalf of the British Secret Service, Bond will never worry about his past or how his future will turn out.

The concept of the present moment has been lost due to consumerism and the modern world as we know it, so if you can train yourself to primarily be in this mindset, you will be a lot happier for it and you will be a step-ahead of the vast majority of the western population. What you do today will shape your tomorrow; and the past has been and gone so is irrelevant; so there really is only he present moment: the today.

Learn how to cook and stay healthy


Our final tip is perhaps the most important for your well-being. As a man, if you do not keep a healthy body, how can you expect to keep a healthy mind? Whether you like it or not, cooking is no longer a women’s only vocation. Don’t expect to come home from work everyday and see steak and chips waiting for you on the table. And if you are single, then you certainly cannot expect this – the world is not like that anymore. Eat good food and learn how to cook.

You do not need a degree to cook well, you just need a bit of dedication and a touch of enthusiasm. YouTube has a variety of videos showcasing world class and famous chefs who will guide you on exactly how to prepare, cook and serve any sort of meal that you can think of. If you need something protein heavy after a morning workout session, (working out is something every modern man should do) then look for a super tasty meal that is high in protein. If you want to prepare a three-course-meal for your new love interest, simply go online and find a recipe/tutorial on how to do exactly that.

You will find that the more you learn about cooking, the tastier your food is. A healthy diet will improve all aspects of your life.

So, there you have it. With a bit of dedication and the right know-how, any man can become the best version of themselves. Stay dedicated, stay strong and live your life the way you want to live it.


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