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Some quality time with your guy friends is sometimes too much to ask for, especially when everybody is so busy with their daily lives. The spouses might not like the idea of you going out every week with the guys. You might have kids that need the attention of their dad, whatever the reason might be you see your friends less and less. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about and can relate to this problem. In this blog I will not only tell you how to make time for your friends, but also share some activities that you can do with them.

Activity #1 Beer brewery

Did you know that 88% of men prefer to drink a beer once in a while? Big chance that your friends are also beer lovers. There are several breweries that allow guest for an experience tour. Under guidance of an experienced guide you will follow the complete brewing process. The tour day will be filled with delicious snacks and several beer for tasting.

Activity #2 Friendly sports activities

When you are a little bit athletic and love exercising, you can organize a sporting event with your friends. Of course you don’t have to participate in an intensive obstacle course, you can make the activity as intensive as you want. A few possibilities are paintball, mountain biking or organizing a game of soccer. Yes believe me even soccer can be super fun to do with friends. If you want to take it easy and don’t want too much intensive exercise, you can shoot some pool or go bowling. We sometimes forget that bowling and playing pool are sports as well, because they usually go hand in hand with a few drinks.

Activity #3 Escape Rooms

I’m sure you have heard of escape rooms by now. These escape rooms are one of my favorite activities to do. This is a true test if your group of friends can put in the teamwork and creativity to break out. There are many cool escape room that you can try to escape from. You can solve an ancient mystery or escape from a torture dungeon. The only downside is that escape rooms can be frustrating if you’re not able to solve the puzzles.

Activity #4 Casino Night

There are many great casino’s to visit for a night out, this can be a fun trip with your best friends. A trip to Vegas might be a bit too excessive for a fun night out. Luckily there are many casinos throughout the country. Have a look on TripAdvisor to find the nearest casino. Don’t forget to agree on a budget for the night and stick to it. If you guys are not interested in visiting a casino, a great substitute is relaxing on the couch and visit an online casino. But online casinos can be confusing, so here’s a guide about understanding online casino.


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