5 Best Documentaries About Vaping


If there’s one topic that’s not covered well (if at all) in regard to vaping, then that topic must be documentaries about vaping. In fact, did you even know there were vaping documentaries in the first place? As vaping becomes more popular among both teenagers and older adults, so does the vape lifestyle starts to expand in separate branches other than just ingredients and MODs.

These documentaries are mainly inspired by the less-known effects of vaping, which has urged several filmmakers to pick up the camera and provide a nuanced, in-depth look of the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of vaping. So, without further delay, here are 5 of the best documentary films about vaping that you should most definitely check out.

1. A Billion Lives: The First Vaping Documentary (2016)

This film is directed by Aaron Biebert and shines new light on the subject of vaping in a way that may spark interest among smokers (and former smokers as well). “A Billion Lives” makes a bold projection, claiming that a billion individuals will die from smoking in this century alone!

The first part of the film deals with Big Tobacco and how their products impact the environment, including the socio-economic dynamic among people who smoke. The second part examines the e-cigarette market, while the final part of the film deals with the traditional cigarette market catches up with the ever-expanding vaping niche.

“A Billion Lives” is a recipient of the award Silver REMI – WorldFest Houston (2016) and a runner-up for the “Best International Feature” – Finalist, DocEdge film festival (2016). Definitely check this one out.

2. Beyond The Cloud (2016)

“Beyond The Cloud” is directed by two aspiring French directors Sébastien DUIJNDAM and Ghyslain Armand, where Armand is also the narrator of the film as well. The film offers an in-depth look into the intertwined worlds of vaping and smoking, tackling subjects such as the political climate that surrounds these two phenomenons, healthcare bills, individual business interests in the industry, and more.

This is a well-made, and more importantly – a poignant vaping documentary that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

3. E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? – Horizon: E-Cigarettes – BBC Two (2016)

BBC productions have always been known to raise the bar when it comes to any kind of subjects – be it documentaries or otherwise. In this Horizon production dubbed “E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?”, Michael Mosley examines vaping and the consequences of this recent alternative to smoking. He goes as far as trying to vape (as a non-smoker) in order to discover the effects of vaping first-hand. After using a vaping MOD for quite some time, he concurs that the nicotine in his device did not impair his overall performance in the slightest.

The film is directed by Emma Hatherley for BBC TWO and is an excellent piece for those who are thrilled by quality productions, reliable research, and interesting conclusions.

4. E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – the fifth estate (2016)

“E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco” is a unique attempt to show how English representatives are considering e-cigs, and if Canada will follow up on this issue (and how) as well. The film is helmed by a trio of proven filmmakers Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay, and Mark Kelley for CBC Canada and examines the relative size of the ever-expanding vaping industry. More precisely, one of the directors (Mark Kelley, who also serves as the series’ interviewer) dares to ask the tough questions about the place of cigarettes in light of the largest alternative and competitor – vaping.

This film examines the tobacco industry from multiple angles and leaves the conclusion for the audience to make by themselves. It’s a polished, unbiased look at how smoking shapes our lives and how vaping can overthrow Big Tobacco in a matter of few short years.

If you’re interested further, consider visiting Vaper Empire as the next logical step to take in as much info as you can before coming up with your own decision.

Vape Life Documentary – EP1|EP2 (2014-2015)

Directed by Joey Kayo, “Vape Life Documentary” is a multiple-episode series that focuses on everything vaping-related, including the technology behind it, industry, community, lifestyle, and the vaping culture.

The first episode offers a unique perspective into the main reasons of why tobacco is highly addictive, and the possible influence that nicotine also potentially plays. The second episode is shorter and thoroughly examines the invention of the electronic cigarette and explains how vaporizers work.

This documentary is not very long, but it does offer a satisfactory input in the world of vaping by using a concise and well-researched script. In fact, this is the perfect documentary for those interested in the vaping niche, but who don’t have much time to spare on their hands. Overall, it’s worth a watch.

Final Words

Documentaries are an excellent way to spend your time, however keep in mind that, as much as they claim objectivity, they are often the result of one or two people’s idea (usually the director and screenwriter) of how something should pan out. Therefore, you should take these in with a grain of salt and form your own opinion about the hot topic of vaping.


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