Why do betting companies offer free bets and spins?


One of the first things you are taught is, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The refrain, you never get something for nothing, is a saying we internalise at a young age and one that we retain with us for the rest of our lives. Whenever you see a buy one get one free offer, it’s never as good as it looks. That amazing holiday offer, well it always comes with a caveat. That free lunch voucher from you local fast food place, well you have to buy three before you can get it.

The idea of deals actually not being good deals has long been something research firms have investigated. Many of them have found that buy one get one free deals are actually never as good as they seem. It can be very hard to actually find a deal, or an offer or even just a membership scheme that gives you actual tangible benefits that will help you in the long run. Companies are not charities and thus when they decide to offer you something it is rarely out the kindness of their hearts and far more often about clearing out stock they did not want or trying to trick you into thinking they are altruistic. These offers and deals are usually made by large groups of suited executives only considering the bottom line rather than making you smile.

The beauty of online casinos.

However with online casinos, there are many different offers that do literally give you something for nothing. Free spins, free bets, doubling your money on deposits and slot bonuses are all very common in online casinos. If you visit this page you can find out even more about the amazing offers that these companies are willing to give you. Of course there is an element in these deals of companies trying to entice you in order to get you coming back and playing as many online games with you as possible.

It seems odd that with all of the talk about never getting something for free and the fact that these companies still rake in huge profits, that you can get offers that can actually work out well for you in the long run. If you take a couple of free spins and don’t win anything you can walk away but if you do win you can take the money and still walk away. You don’t lose anything and can actually win. So why then do companies make these offers to you?

How competition helps.

The key explanation is competition, this has long been something stressed by a set of economists who have argued that competition will lead to innovation and a need for companies to do something to keep their customers. This has become particularly important in the age of the internet. Before the dot com age, if you went to brick and mortar shop it was much harder for you find a different place to buy an item. You could, of course, go somewhere else but that was a hassle and could mean having to travel.

Now a days of course, all you need to do is type in a new website in your browser and you can be instantly transported to a new shop or online betting site. It is so much easier to switch that companies need to prove why you should stick with them. This means not only that online casinos that offer slots need more exciting games to keep you, they also need to give you something in return for your loyalty. You can exploit this by taking up offers and then switching to other online casinos who also have great offers. If you are smart and willing to switch you will be rewarded and finally be able to claim an offer that gives you something for nothing.

Companies so often get one over on us, they give us something then love to see us come crawling back, so pleased with their meagre offering and ready to lock us into being customers there for life. The tables have now turned and this means that we as consumers have more power and should aim to use it.


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