The Three Top Movie Slots of 2018


If you watch just about any television channel after the watershed, you’ll have noticed a massive increase in the number of casino ads and an overall surge in the popularity of online gaming. Everyone seemingly wants to get involved, and some of the biggest brands around are going out of their way to serve up just the kind of action that players are looking for. One way in which they are doing just that is with slot games based on massive movie releases, and today we’re going to run down the biggest ones of all that you can play this year. There is seemingly no sell-by date on a movie franchise when it comes to hitting the reels, so we’ve got a mix of older subjects and brand-new ones for you to take a look at here. Regardless, we are confident in saying that they will be the best movie slots that you could possible hope to play in 2018!


Cult classics do not come any bigger and more popular than Halloween, and while the series might well have been diluted somewhat with the various sequels – some of which are better than others – we think that there are few movie fans, and horror fans in particular, that would dispute that this is one of the most important movies of all time. It took decades for Michael Myers to finally hit the reels, and the company behind this game, Microgaming, is as passionate as anyone about serving up the freshest movie slots. The game is packed with atmosphere and really does do an excellent job of bringing a creepy style to the gameplay, ensuring that players can not only take a shot at some impressive wins, but also get full immersed in the local storyline.

As a Microgaming slot, players that are looking to play the official Halloween slot are well and truly spoilt for choice when it comes to playing this game for real money and, as with every good slot game, you can even get involved without spending any of your own cash. Halloween is featured prominently on websites offering UK no deposit bonus codes, and if you use one of these codes when creating a new account at one of the top Microgaming casinos, you’ll be able to play and win with absolutely no risk at all! Those no deposit bonuses should be more than sufficient for allowing players to stick around for long enough to enjoy all of the features, including the iconic slasher bonus, and it goes without saying that this is one of the top movie slots that you can possibly hope to play in 2018.

Planet of the Apes

Just as Microgaming is a market leader when it comes to movie slots, the same can be said of its closest competitor, NetEnt. Indeed, on balance, NetEnt’s range of movie games could well be considered as being even better overall, and one game that serves as the perfect example is Planet of the Apes. Unusually for a slot like this one, the game draws inspiration from two different movies in the form of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, so fans of either film will be able to get their money’s worth here on this one! This is also one of the most unique games around, as players can indulge in two different game boards at the same time, with one dedicated to each movie, and the themes and graphics are tailored on each to provide a classically immersive experience.

As with the Halloween slot, you’ll want to check out a website for no deposit bonus codes if you want to grab the opportunity to play the official Planet of the Apes slot with no risk at all with both hands!


While there are certainly plenty of online slots out there based on modern movie releases, we clearly have a bit of a soft spot for the classics and are rounding off this feature with coverage of the latest Microgaming movie release. The movie that established the fact that ‘there can be only one’ makes its mark at the same casinos as Halloween, and many of the same brands as Planet of the Apes for that matter, with many online casinos now offering games from multiple developers at the same time. The game is every bit as atmospheric as the two games above, and gives players the chance to win big with free spins, scatter bonuses and a massive 243 ways to win on each and every spin. It is one for the traditionalists, but if you are a fan of the movie franchise, it goes without saying that you’ll be a fan of the slot game too!


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