Apple reveals the iPhone X


Say hello to the new iPhone X, and if you purchase one, the phone will recognize you!

Facial recognition is just one of the many new features Apple revealed with the new iPhone that scheduled to be available for purchase on November 3rd.

Face ID offers a dramatic change to the security features of the phone, and I’m looking forward to seeing how easy this will be. In theory it sounds great, but let’s hope it offers an easy and intuitive solution. Face ID will also be used to authorize an Apple Pay purchase. This may be cumbersome but with all the problems we’re having with security this makes sense to me as a new approach.

One of the most dramatic changes involves the removal of the home button so that the screen fills the entire face of the phone. We’re all used to that hope button, and it will be replaced by swiping, but I’ll welcome this change. The home button was too inconsistent in getting you past the frozen phone stage. We’ll all have to adapt to the new swiping rules but that shouldn’t take long.

The new display is also getting rave reviews, as the iPhone X comes with a true HDR display through the use of OLED technology which you won’t find on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The result is “a higher contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, versus 1,300:1 on the iPhone 8 Plus and 1,400:1 on the iPhone 8.”

The wireless charging looks like a cool feature:

And the phone is water-resistant:

I’m probably most excited about the new camera. It offers an improved dual-lens camera system that should take impressive portrait photos and improved stabilization on zoom photos.

The iPhone X isn’t cheap as it goes for a whopping $999! Hopefully the carriers will offer some good deals with extended plans.

Here’s a promo video from Apple on all the new features:


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