Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams in The Vow

Rachel McAdams in “The Vow”

Rachel McAdams hasn’t been in the business for very long and already she’s reeling in enough critical buzz to guarantee her an Oscar inside of five years. Yes, she’s that good, and if her natural talent for acting isn’t incentive enough to catch her in her latest movie, then check out that killer smile she sports all around town. Born in a small Canadian town outside of Ontario, Rachel was already performing in plays at a local summer camp by age 13. Following her graduation from high school, Rachel attended Toronto’s York University where she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in theatre, and then quickly landed her first role. Ok, so maybe it was on a Disney television series (“The Famous Jett Jackson”), but you’d be surprised how many young stars have graduated from Disney U. in the past decade. Rachel really hasn’t had too much trouble ever landing a gig, and along with appearances in a number of Canadian projects, she appeared in her first major Hollywood role with the Rob Schneider flick “The Hot Chick.”

Since then, Rachel has been on fire, tearing up Young Hollywood with her good looks and even better acting skills. She made a break-out performance in the film adaptation of Nicolas Spark’s romance novel “The Notebook” and stole the show from Lindsay Lohan in the teen angst comedy “Mean Girls.” More recently, Rachel shared the screen with Hollywood A-listers Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the romantic comedy “Wedding Crashers” and she’s not stopping there. Expect two more films from Rachel before the end of 2005, and a whole pile of juicy offers thrown her way from movie execs looking to cash in on the next big thing. Rachel is a genuine starlet, even though she may not yet be one, and exudes a certain degree of class that successful actresses commonly exhibit. Watch out for this one boys, she’s got her eye on the prize and there’s no stopping her.

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Rachel McAdams on the Screen

Rachel first made her name as the evil queen bee in “Mean Girls,” and quickly solidified her status as one of Hollywood’s hottest new actresses by following it up with two more high-profile roles in “The Notebook” and “Wedding Crashers.” Her career has continued to be just as eclectic, with appearances in thrillers like “Red Eye” and “State of Play,” action films like “Sherlock Holmes,” and romance films like “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and “The Vow.” More recently, Rachel appeared in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” and Terrence Malick’s “To the Wonder.”

Rachel Says

On the Teletubbies:
“A friend of mine had this great theory about the Teletubbies, that it’s preparing us for being mindless. And getting us ready for living in an underground world. When they build the underground world because we can no longer breathe the air, it will look like Teletubbie land.”

On starring in the “Thundercats”:
“I’m waiting for them to make ‘Thundercats’. I would love to be Cheetara.”

On making love on-screen:
“As strange as movie making is, doing love scenes for the first time with someone you’ve never even said hello to does work in terms of having a fresh quality to a relationship.”