Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher in "Confessions of a Shopholic"

Isla Fisher in “Confessions of a Shopholic”

She’s still a relative newcomer to the silver screen — her breakout appearance in 2005’s “Wedding Crashers” was only her fourth major film role — but her good looks and fearless comedic instincts have Isla Fisher primed for a long career.

Often referred to as an Australian actress, Fisher was actually born in Oman (to Scottish parents, no less), and if she comes across as not as fame-crazed as some of her peers, it’s perhaps because she took the long way around to an acting career — in fact, she started out as an author. (An author of teen romance novels, but hey, when was the last time you wrote a book?)

These days, Fisher’s also in the news because of her relationship with Sacha Baron Cohen, otherwise known as “Borat,” guerrilla comedy pioneer, box-office conqueror, and Academy Award nominee. Of course, if she keeps up her current pace — her 2007 projects include “The Lookout” and “Hot Rod” — it might not be long before Isla’s the better-known of the pair.

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Isla Says

On her taste in men:
“I always liked Elvis Presley when I was younger — I told anyone who would listen that I was going to marry that man. I didn’t realize then that he had died.”

On Nicole Kidman:
“She’s a mum in her thirties with slag’s hair. Look at all that frizzy shit! She thinks she’s a girl.”

On her wedding plans:
“I think we’ll do it like Britney and just go to Vegas…That could be fun.”