Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz in "Bad Teacher"

Cameron Diaz in “Bad Teacher”

Complete with a rocking body, firecracker personality and a smile that could melt you in minutes, Cameron Diaz is one of the hottest Plain Janes working in Hollywood today. Growing up with nothing extraordinary about her, Cameron’s true beauty suddenly sprouted after high school by model scout Jeff Dunas at a Hollywood party, signing her to a contract with the Elite modeling agency. Traveling all around the world for five years, Cameron’s face graced the pages of such magazines as Mademoiselle and Seventeen before returning home to California at age 21.

Cameron’s first audition was for “The Mask,” a comic-inspired film starring the fast-rising Jim Carrey. Even though she had no experience acting before the audition, she still earned the spot and appeared in a small but memorable role as the car-stopping blonde bombshell. The newcomer received critical praise and hastily began her next project, “Mortal Kombat.” When she ended up injuring her wrist during martial arts training, Cameron was forced to back out of the film and move on, and it’s probably a good thing she did. Cameron changed gears from mobster girlfriend to the girl next door, slowly building more recognition with critics and fans all over the world, appearing in smaller films like “Feeling Minnesota” as well as the larger romantic comedies like “There’s Something About Mary,” a film that took Cameron from small time co-star to leading lady. Cameron’s momentum continues to build, attacking smarter and more challenging scripts with each growing year as she continues to climb the A-list.

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Cameron on Screen

Cameron’s breakthrough performance in the 1994 Jim Carrey vehicle “The Mask” gained her the studio attention needed to start a serious film career. After starring as the blonde bimbo, Cameron turned to the more likeable good girl in a number of films like “There’s Something About Mary” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” She quickly moved on to more dramatic roles in films like “Any Given Sunday,” “Vanilla Sky” and “Gangs of New York” before starring as one of the three super-spy bombshells in “Charlie’s Angels” and its sequel, “Full Throttle.” Aside from her more recent onscreen performances (including the comedies “Bad Teacher,” “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and “The Other Woman”), Cameron has brought her bubbly voice to the screen in the wildly popular “Shrek” franchise as Princess Fiona.

Cameron Diaz in "Bad Teacher"

Cameron Diaz in “Bad Teacher”

Cameron Says

On meeting boys:
“It’s cute when you meet young boys and they’re bright red and breathing like they’ve run up the stairs, but they’re just sitting outside the door. I’ve had phone calls in the middle of the night when I stay at hotels.”

On acting:
“Acting allows me to tell a lot of stories, you know start at the beginning, finish at the end, and tell everything in between. Modeling is just an image.”

On her love for French fries:
“French fries. I love them. Some people are chocolate and sweets people. I love French fries. That and caviar.”

On nudity in film:
“I don’t say that I won’t do nudity for other people’s benefit. It has nothing to do with other people’s, it’s just what I’m comfortable with. I can’t say this enough, I’m totally comfortable with my body. I like my body, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I think I have a nice body, I’m happy with it.”

On frogs:
“I’d kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.”

On kicking ass:
“My dad always used to tell me that if they challenge you to an after-school fight, tell them you won’t wait-you can kick their ass right now.”