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2011 Summer Movie Preview

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What has a cigarette-smoking monkey, a boy wizard, a slurring, effeminate pirate, and gigantic robots bent on global destruction? If you guessed "the 2011 summer movie season," you're right -- and that's only the beginning of what's in store for you at your local cineplex.

The sheer number of sequels on tap for this summer is a little disconcerting -- before the year is out, we'll see a record-setting 27, including five Part Fours -- but what 2011's warmer months might lack in originality, they seem determined to make up in sheer popcorn-buttering exuberance. It's blockbuster time!

More than 100 films will head to a theater near you between now and the end of August, but we're not here to waste your time; we went through the schedule and narrowed the list until we were left with the 30 that look most deserving of your hard-earned movie dollar. Which ones made the cut? Read on.

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